♺ French Dudes Picwick, Diego De Lavega

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-12-15 |
There's an old abandoned house known to the locals as a rendezvous and local hang out if you're looking for a trick. Today, Picwick didn't have much to do and decided to go down and "test the waters." The handsome and sexy Latino, Diego De Lavega came by and spotting Picwick laying on the ground with a spacer in his ass playing with himself. This is one of those "dinners" where desert is served first as we watch Diego pour in the cream and lick it up like an ice cream cone. While the mix is churning Picwick works on Diego's cock giving it a good sucking. Nice cock by the way Diego! Just something about a sexy good looking Latino that gets you everytime. If it's not their lean trim muscular build, it's their cock and if that isn't enough, then they have those gorgeous "plump round rumps." Yep, rump roast for dinner tonight boys :)

Wanting to share his desert, Diego pours some cream on his cock for Picwick to enjoy while sucking. Nothing like a good "creamsicle." Diego let's Picwick know he's ready take his sweet cream ass and Picwick stands up against the wall bracing himself. Jockstrap still intact, cock out, good footing, check! All ready. Diego moves in and slides that nice fat uncut cock of his and we settle back for a good show. Something else that really turns me on about Latin men is how they look when they fuck, it's so fucking sexy. It doesn't take much of those long slow and deep thrusts before Diego is blowing his wad all over Picwicks' ass and back and then Picwick unloads his own ball sack all over his stomach and ground as they kiss.
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