Jock Physical - Samson Snow Insertions

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DescriptionIt has been three years since he has graced my exam table and I was pleased as Samson Snow returns today for an annual examination and to seek assistance with a medical condition. At 29 years of age now, Samson has added a bit more meat to his already beefy, muscular body. I have him strip down naked in preparation for today¡¦s annual examination.

Samson stated while I was updating his patient history that he has been experiencing a bit of distress, a soreness around the area below his scrotum. I tell him that we will address that issue after his normal adult physical examination has been performed. Samson is a gentle giant. He is a very respectful young man and he is a man of very few words. To get him to express any emotion is a difficult task however, he is quick to smile when is pleasure is achieved. So it became my task to examine him completely and bring a smile to his face in the process.

By the way, the gentle giant that I was referring to is his penis and after the initial particulars of the exam was completed, I took a moment to measure his flaccid penis and recorded it at a very impressive 5 1/2 inches. The foreskin is covering most of the meatus and as I retract the skin, his penis begins to respond to my touch. Just through a normal examination process (an uncircumcised requires more examination scrutiny), Samson becomes fully aroused which, of course, prompts another measurement (erection 9 inches with a circumference of 6 1/2 inches). I have Samson stand upright to allow that genital examination to continue.

After an absence of three years, I had to coax Samson into the proper positioning required for the rectal examination portion. After succeeded in slipping my lubricated finger past his very tight sphincter I was able to maneuver and locate his prostate. Palpating it for a bit, I received confirmation from Samson that he did feel a bit of sexual exhilaration at my touch and I responded that it might produce a bit of seminal fluid. Checking his penis moments later, that fact was confirmed so to allow further stimulation of the prostate, I employed the first of two prostate massage devices. The first device was a bit larger and I found that it would not stay in place so I opted to remove it and insert the second device. This device when seated properly produced the necessary pressure required. With the device firmly seated, I had Samson turn over and to place his legs into the exam table stirrups for support.

Using a cotton tipped applicator, I easily inserted it into his urethra to secure a sample of fluids collected there. After thoroughly soaking one applicator, I secured a second one to repeat the procedure. After securing the samples, I informed Samson that the discomfort in the area below his scrotum could probably be relieved through both the prostate massage and ejaculation. Using aloe vera gel, I liberally began to coat his penis and hefty scrotum with the nourishing gel. His skin soaked it up and began to glisten and his penis began to respond favorably as well.

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