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DescriptionTrue Stories in avi

Starring Claude Jourdan, Mark Baxter, Cliff Parker, Scott Baldwin, Sean Davis, Jake Andrews, Devyn Foster, Max Grand and Dave Logan.

Based on letters sent in from actual Hot House viewers, True Stories showcases a cast of hunky studs (including superstars Cliff Parker and Mark Baxter) who reveal their private tales of sleazy sex.

When sexy Brit Claude Jourdan shows up at Cliff Parker's house to return a lost wallet, he encounters Parker and his lover Sean Davis. They end up in the bedroom, where Davis fishes Jourdan's cock out of his shorts and begins sucking on it while Jourdan and Parker kiss. Soon, Jourdan is lying on the bed with Parker slobbering on his tool while he services Davis' meat.

Next, Davis crawls down between Jourdan's legs and rims him while Jourdan slurps on Parker's cock. The men switch so that Parker can suck on Davis's tool and then kiss his lover while Jourdan rims his tight furry hole. Flipping Jourdan over onto his back, Parker and Davis take turns plowing his hole. Finally, both Parker and Davis shoot massive loads all over Jourdan, who looks like he's in heaven as torrents of cum rain down on his sweaty torso. When it's his turn to shoot, Davis jerks him off so that he can spray his jizz all over Parker's beautiful bubble butt.

Scott Baldwin manages to use the wrong color paint on Max Grand's walls and spills it all over Grand as well. This gives Grand the perfect opportunity to get out of his stuffy work suit-and gives Baldwin the perfect opportunity to follow him into the bathroom. Baldwin is more than happy to make up for his mistakes by servicing Grand's cock and Grand is more than happy to turn Baldwin around so he can have a taste of the paint boy's smooth bubble butt. He spreads Baldwin's cheeks and shoves his tongue all the way in.

All this ass-eating gets Grand's butt twitching and he begs Baldwin to screw him. Jumping out of the tub, Grand pulls Baldwin over his knee and delivers a spanking to the clumsy painter, then makes Baldwin sit on his face while he jerks off. Once he shoots his load, he services Baldwin's balls until they spurt.

After waking from a hot dream, blond muscle stud Dave Logan stumbles into the living room and finds hunky new roommate Devyn Foster slumbering away on the couch with a raging boner. He wakes up and encourages Logan, prompting him to pull down the front of Foster's briefs to suck his fat hard-on. The two men kiss, then rub their cocks together until Foster decides he needs to get a taste of Logan's prick. Logan licks his way down Foster's back, then darts his tongue in and out of his hole to moisten the hole good.

The boys then work themselves into a 69 position, with Foster eventually taking control and standing up so that he can feed his cock down into Logan's eager mouth. Then Foster really breaks his new roomie in when he slides his cock up inside Logan's ass and starts fucking away while Logan jerks himself off. Foster then pulls out of Logan's hole and both men shoot big loads on the blond stud's smooth abs before they fall into a passionate kiss.

After waking with a boner, Baxter rolls over and starts caressing Andrews' body. Andrew wakes up and pulls his lover into a smoldering good morning kiss before Baxter slides down Andrew's body to feast on his morning wood. Andrews then turns over and offers his ass, which Baxter readily licks clean with his tongue.

Next they move into a 69 rimming position, tonguing each other's holes with sensual abandon. Baxter is the first to take topping duties, as he moves in behind Andrews and slides his ready prick into his bud's hole. Then it's Andrews' turn to top as he bones his boyfriend with a ferocity that escalates as he goes along. Andrews is so turned on that he pulls out and shoots on Baxter's gorgeous ass. But Baxter is far from satisfied, and after Andrews heads off to take a shower, he pulls out his favorite dildo-a mammoth rubber dong that he sits down on while stroking himself toward his own juicy finish.
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