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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-06-26 |
This is a superbly done vintage gay porn film which reveals many insights about BDSM. BDSM/leather play is ultimately about a relationship, a transference of power that can ultimately result in a giving, fulfilling love. This video is one of the few videos that attempts to plumb the often frightening yet fulfilling depths of a slave boy's surrender and trust to his chosen Master/Daddy.

Even if the film did without the lush, poetic, yet at times florid narration (the boy's point of view), the effective, meaningful glances (so much emotion and intensity can be garnered just from a look in this film), the probing psychological domination/submission chemistry (and the play is actually physically chemical, involving enemas and catheters!) between rugged, authoritative leather-clad Master Chris Burns and lushly naked (what a beautiful ass!) agonizing-ecstatic slave boy Brick Samson would manifest itself wonderfully.

S & M is a mind game, and in this case, a nonverbal one, which adds an element of mysterious fascination and ceremonial ritual to the varied play. The scenes tend to flow organically into each other based on the impetus of the narrative voice. Brick has found his Master, but he must show that he is worthy. Chris's strong-jawed face, his long, angular, slightly wrinkled hands on his belt and crotch, juxtaposed with Brick's ass crawling toward the object of his worship. Expect images like this throughout the movie; the face expresses more than the thickest, most glorious cumshot. All Chris has to do is stand there; the upshots are terrific, and mirror Brick's point of view.

Brick licks Chris's boots and leather, fondles his ass and crotch through the chaps over jeans with an honest adoration; this is no off-hand, subsidiary activity to a sleek, superficial fuck (as in so many leather videos). Brick fantasizes about Chris's cock, but he knows he must earn that pleasure. This section contains almost all close-ups, but both points of view are expressed equally. "You wanna be a good little boy, don't you?" the narrator imagines Chris as saying/thinking (while the camera flashes an image of a nipple being pierced and an enema tube in his mouth, brilliant!). Brick will prove to be that good little boy, first by learning how to take an enema; the ass becomes a fountain.

Brick then kisses the enema bag, knowing that Chris is in control of his reactions, the power of both pain and pleasure simultaneously. And interestingly enough, Chris actually has Brick do much of the action to himself, though one senses his firm, mentally penetrating (pun on penetrating intended!) guidance though his fascinating glances. In the next scene, Brick deftly inserts a serious of monstrous dildos into his juicy boyhole, at one point pushing one in backwards. The camera work is superb, with shots at various angles adding interest and suspense.

In a moment of perhaps too obvious symbolism, Chris gives Brick a dildo shaped like a fist, with a wristband on it (Chris's hand in substituto?) He licks the dildo's fist, fists himself with it, and then licks Chris's fist. Blissfully symbiotic. Now that the ass is under Chris's sublime control, he must show Brick how to control the bladder. With a snakelike catheter, of course. The balls become inflated like muskmelons in a tremendous close-up. Brick handles the catheter so expertly that the movie could actually be used as a demo on how to use this toy! The narration comments on the excruciating action profoundly: "Control beyond what I had ever imagined, but also freedom."

But Chris has another surprise, and the transition is playful. The instruments of dominance are now hidden in the pockets of his jacket, as Brick pulls out a piercing. Brick lets Chris pierce his tit (great close-up of the longer fingers playing with the tit and then slowly inserting the needle) as showing tribute. Brick's agonized-ecstatic expression is priceless; the close-up of his looking up at his towering Master is moving. Enemas now grow to become double enemas, water, soap, wine, different solutions.

At one point the viewer sees Brick's face rubbing up against the tubes; his belly is distended, the background music is suitably grave, his insides are churning, Chris holds his instruments of his passion to him, the narration becomes wordless ... Brick explodes from a his long piss slit. Chris looks down at the streams of juice. "My man ... " murmurs the narration in hopeful wonder, as Chris uses this opportunity to use his thick heavy motorcycle boots on Brick's cock, balls and shaft. The lush cum seems to blissfully sticks to the boot.

The end? No ... still a couple more stages to this wondrous journey. Chris is covered in a spider web of rubber tubes, what an image! All the tubes are filled, total control ... Chris begs to be filled, and he is, and the fountain of his ass could cause a new Deluge. "Fill me ... fill me ... make me spurt."

"When you fall in love, you want nothing but nothing between you and him," the narrator humbly ponders.

Chris shaves himself with a straight razor. He want to be smooth, one with his Master. Chris stands, Brick kneels in front of him, facing the viewer. Symbiosis. Brick's hand grabs the shaft of his pristine cock, and his juice springs forth in thick, fructifying pools. Master fondles the cum and licks it. They are one.

A classic gay porn flick in the fetish genre!


Key Words

BDSM | Boots | Catheter | Chaps | Daddy | Dildo | Enema | Fetish | Leather | Leathermen | Master | Shaving | Slave
Year: 1987
Cast: Chris Burns, Brick Samson
Length: 70
Studio: Slave & Master; Bijou Video
Director: Jason Bleu

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:05:08
Video: 640x480, 1601 Kbps
Audio: 128 Kbps

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