Machine Men mp4

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DescriptionStudio: Body Prod
Director: Hervé Bodilis
Released: 2001
Length: 1h55
Performer (among others): Tim Merev, George Vidanov

Stunning guys with rock-hard abs engaged in all sorts of hot garage antics mark this as another hit from Herve Handsome's High Octane. Mother always said that the simple things in life are the best. How true for Machine Men. While lacking on a clear cut plot, Machine Men is a down-to-earth sexfest between studs of a variety of proportions.
Basically, this skin flick revolves around greased up men working out their sexual frustrations in a factory. They drill, lift heavy equipment, weld and exhibit male testosterone in two hours of non-stop cum-drenched activities.
Getting clean is the priority for the first two slabs of muscle meat as they get down and dirty in the factory shower stall. Albeit very clean for a blue collar environment, the shower/gym area is still a terrific fetish satisfier. Trickling water down the smooth, hard bodies and erect, rock hard cocks of both boys make this scene a joy to watch.
Following up the "water sports," we are quickly treated to a threesome. Security guard Attila Kialt finds a trespasser (Karoly Hegyes) roaming around the factory grounds looking for a way inside. Whether we are to believe that this might be espionage or just a curious thief, the fact remains that Karoly is the hottest little stud in the film. He goes down on both cocks that are thrust in his face and bottoms very well. His flexing tight pecs, eight-pack stomach, and boyishly cute face are all too heavenly.
Three scenes follow up the first two, including a foursome watched by a sexy voyeur. Every minute of this two-hour long flick is beautiful. Eastern European guys remain the hottest thing on the market and continue to give us the best in cock entertainment.
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