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Gay Wrestling Oliver Lyon vs Ethan Pryor

CategoryWrestling and Sports
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DescriptionEthan Pryor is lean, mean and a decidedly sexy Brit stud who has won over many fans with his skill, style, sexy hairy chest and big, big mantool. He was, after all, one of the very seductive stars of the award-winning X-FIGHTS UK XXX ??and Ethan also doesn?t like to lose. So as a reward for that memorable trophy-garnering match with Mike Martin, Ethan requested to be BG in Britain's Official Rookie-tester. And the boss does like to oblige the talent, especially award-winning talent, whenever he can!

Oliver Lyon, another even younger Brit with an attitude, had been patiently waiting his chance to make his BGEast debut?and was mouthy. ?Anyone you got,? he boasted to The Boss, ?I?ll take on anyone, and what?s more, I?ll beat him.?

That?s exactly what The Boss likes to hear?attitude and desire! Take two sexy young Brits, put them in tight gear, get a hotel room, put some mattresses on the floor?The Boss? favorite recipe for a battle! And, of course, being the Boss, he couldn?t resist stoking the fire in the bellies of the Brits just a bit. ?Ah, Oliver, Ethan thinks you might want to work a little harder at the gym? and ?Oh, by the way, Ethan, Oliver thinks his mother could kick your arse.? And as usual, the Boss? methods paid dividends as the two began firing off threatening and nasty emails to each other!When the two finally meet up in a London hotel, their playful friendliness barely masks a matching and surging determination to win. As they feel each other out and feel each other up, testing the other?s strengths and looking for weaknesses to exploit, the action begins building, along with their mutual desire.

The struggle is initially and surprisingly even, as they reverse and escape each other?s holds. They seem unable to secure any decisive advantage?until cocky Oliver leaves himself open and Ethan is more than happy to wring a submission out of the youngster! Losing the first submission can be lethal to a newcomer?it can deflate their confidence in an instant. But Oliver is no ordinary newcomer. As the battle rages on, it?s obvious that both are willing to use a dirty trick or two, as well as exploiting that ineffable element of erotic desire to overcum his foe.

Before long the briefs are gone, and the wrestling aspect of their meeting becomes less and less important as their hormones start to rage and demand fulfillment. This is erotic wrestling at its best?a battle between two sexy Brits whose ultimate goal is not to win, but to see who can dole out the perfect combination of pleasure and punishment?
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