ColbysCrew - Alexander Gustavo & Ezekiel Stone - The Delivery Boy - Full Customer Satisfaction

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1. ColbysCrew - Alexander Gustavo & Ezekiel Stone - The Delivery Boy - Full Customer Satisfaction.mp4
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Description - Preppy Boy Alexander Gustavo is making his last delivery of the day. While his customer, Ezekiel Snow, earlier indicated to him that he would be home to receive the parcel, Alex’s insistent knocks on the door were going unanswered. Puzzled by seeing light through the window he decided to look inside to see if there was anyone’s home. Inside, in all his naked glory, there laid Mr. Snow, too busy was he with his eyes riveted to his laptop watching porn, while jacking off his hefty uncut cock. As Alex knocks in the window to gain Mr. Snow’s attention, his horny customer waives him in. Alex makes his way hesitantly inside the front door signaling that he has Mr. Snow’s package. But Mr. Snow is much more concerned about the package between his legs than the one Alex just brought in. Alex, being the nice pretty boy that he is, places the box on the stand in the entrance and asks the owner if he can be of any further assistance. Mr. Snow casually calls him over and within seconds, good boy Alex is all over his customer’s stiff boner, sucking like this is indeed the kind of package he would rather be handling than the many boxes he has to shuffle around day by day. Alex jumps on the bed on his hands and knees and starts lapping away at Mr. Snow’s hard cock and balls, getting them fully drenched. He then shuffles back and forth between Mr. Snow’s cock, balls and sweet butt hole, relentlessly slurping away. With sweet words of encouragement, Mr. Snow is pushing all the right buttons, inspiring Alex to suggest other ways that his customer could use that hard and slippery cock of his. Stripping down to nothing, Alex angles his way into position above Mr. Snow and sets himself atop his bone hard dick, lowering himself to ride him backwards, jutting up and down as his own stiff dick swings with the flow of every thrust. Preppy Boy Alex’s facial expressions are priceless. And the more he rides Mr. Snow, the more talkative he gets. It’s been a while, he says, since he got a fucking like this one, as Mr. Snow reaches over to jack him off while plowing his butthole. This is when Mr. Snow decides to become more assertive. He throws Alex off of him, pushing him on his knees so he can pound him like a four-legged bitch. Alex is begging like a dog in heat and gritty Mr. Snow just lays it into him. Alex then shifts himself onto his side, only to see Mr. Snow toss him on his back seconds later, never letting his cock leave the handsome delivery boy’s tight ass. Alex jerks off feverishly as he’s getting fucked, and as Mr. Snow eases off a bit, he ramps it up and spews a juicy load, lapping up some of his own cum from the squeeze he put on his uncut cock tip. Seconds later, Mr. Snow lets his own load rip, smothering his delivery boy’s cock and balls. Fulfilled, not to mention filled, Alex clearly knows how to make a point of providing a full service guarantee!

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