Thundersarena wrestling - Archer vs Marco

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DescriptionThe guys are poolside, comparing physiques, tattoos, and wrestling credentials. Archer brags that he won the Jr. Olympics with a 6/0 record, while Marco's impressive record at Thunders Arena speaks for itself. They lock-up and Marco quickly grabs Archer's knee and takes him down, climbing on top of him with his legs wrapped around Archer's torso. After a rib-crushing squeeze, Marco relents, and the two lock-up again. Marco once again asserts dominance, choking Archer, then dropping him to the mat, only to lift him up and begin doing arm curls with his prone body. Archer's had enough humiliation, and reverses, curling Marco.
They lock-up again, and Archer puts Marco in a tight headlock, wrapping his legs around Marco's torso- this kid learns fast. He transitions into a rear naked choke hold, but Marco powers out, climbing on top of Archer. They tussle and scramble to their feet. Archer immediately puts a bear hug on Marco from behind. They negotiate the next move, and Marco puts Archer on his back as requested- then drops Archer on his butt and wraps him up in a tight cradle.
Archer struggles to wrap his legs around Marco, and manages to clamp on a rear naked choke...they roll around in this vice-grip, Marco's arms around Archer's waist, Archer's legs around Marco's torso.
Suddenly bodybuilder Vein arrives poolside, to get some sun and do some posing...he's an irritating distraction to the guys, and before they have a chance to get rid of the musclebound meathead, he clotheslines them backward into the pool. The wrestlers scramble out of the chilly water, only to be clotheslined back into the pool again. They threaten revenge, of course...and the Grudge Match Series is ON!
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