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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-06-05 |
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Bara comics:

1) tagame:
a)I could never tell you that I loved you EN File: tagame
Language : English
Status : Oneshot (Complete)
Scan & Adaptation : D' arcy
Summary : Most secret dream of one man will become reality...in the unexpected way
B) Kranke NOT EN
D)Shinkeisei ien the nonnucler dyspepsia NOT EN

2) the masochist EN
Warning : Toy sex/SM explicit
Language : English
Status : Oneshot (Complete)
Scanner : Woody
Translator : Unknown
summary : One man went into the store in the middle of night just for his personal pleasure and that's how the pleasurable disaster began

3) trap EN
Warning : Gang fuck/ some dirty sex
Language : English
Status : 2 Chapters (Complete)
Scanner : Woody
Translator : Unknown
summary : Kazuma was deceived by his friend, Hiroshi, who took him into the loathsome situation. But after that he became addicted to it

4) eclosion NOT EN
Warning : Dirty sex with a little BDSM
Language : not English
Status : Oneshot (Complete)

5) The Dokata (The Contruction Worker) EN
Warning : Light bondage, slave playing
Language : English
Status : Oneshot (Complete)
summary : Jiroh, the construction worker was called into his boss room (you can guess what's going to happen next)

6) The Army of Fallen Tears EN
Warning : Gangrape, Hardcore, Light BDSM
Language : English
Status : Oneshot (Complete)

7) The Correct Way to Trick the Demon En
summary : The boy find out the greatest way to deceive the demon

8) The Case of Kano Senpai File: Gekidan Hibakichi EN
summary : Two boys created a ???? video of their senior

9) Dragon Ranger series by Syuunpei Nakata FILE: red EN
Warning: Bara/Yaoi Hardcore (+18)
Syuunpei´s Dragon Ranger series contains 3 parts:


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