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Haze Him - Pack #4 [5x Xvid]

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DescriptionCleaning Balls
Added: May 27, 2010

Okay, so this week we got a rather interesting submission. The pledges in this frat had to clean the entire frat house after a party...wearing french maid outfits. These frat brothers didn't give a shit and went all out with their pledges. As the poor dudes cleaned the house, the brothers would walk behind them and make more of a mess. That is until the alpha brothers came back from golfing and decided they wanted to have their balls cleaned...and I don't mean their golf balls. These poor pledges had to lick their brothers balls clean. Talk about a spit shine with a very jizzy ending!

Losing has it consequences
Added: May 20, 2010

So this week we got a submission from some eager frat boys. And by eager I mean freaky. It starts off innocently enough, a bunch of college boys partying in a dorm room. They start raising the stakes on the wagers their making with each other. One team just can't seem to win. The stakes get higher and higher and well you can guess what happens from there.

Get Some Hot Nuts!
Added: May 13, 2010

These pledges are getting drilled with questions left and right.. and they don't know shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Well guess what fuckers, time to pay the price. Donny Dangles is in the house and he's ready to drop some balls right on your face. After the whole line of pledges got tea bagged, a couple of these guys were hard for some reason... so the brothers made them take care of business and shoot their loads to prove they are in for the long haul.

Lingerie Party
Added: May 6, 2010

Sometimes we look at these crazy college submission videos and think to our selves "what have we started?" For example this week we received a tape labeled "Lingerie" at first we were curious as to what these frat boys did to their poor pledges. as we watched the video we couldn't stop laughing at the craziness that ensued. These poor wannabe frat boys had to dress up in lingerie walk around the dorm house and collect random things such as condoms,soda cans,and even a microwave. but that wasn't all once all the pledges were back in their dorm their soon to be brothers had them pillow fight and spin on a baseball bat where they fell they had to do something sexual with whom ever happen to be standing there. this one got pretty wild. it still amazes me how far some people would go to be part of something. lol anyway fuck it its better for us because this shit is golden! enjoy

Flash Jacking Around Town
Added: April 15, 2010

This one was pretty interesting. The brothers of Beta Pi gave each one of these pledges there own personal flesh light and gave them the task of running around town and taking pictures of themselves in strange places. They weren't too happy with the results when the pledges got back, so they decided to humiliate the crap out of them. They made them jack each other off with their flash jacks, blow each other and then one of the guys gets fucked in the ass!! LOL. This guy also got a nut busted on his head.. SPLOOGE HEAD!!!!!!

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