♺ Military Classified - Collin Army - B4 He Came Back

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Military Classified - Collin Army - B4 He Came Back

COLLIN / ARMY / 20 / 5'4 / 125 / 7c - BLOWJOB

Today I'm introducing a new model to the corral and this kid comes in a small package but packs a wallop! Collin is 5'4" tall with a lean, muscular body, and with a smooth body, this little Army brat is here today to get his dick sucked by a guy for the first time and make a little cash on the side. Simple enough right? It took weeks of convincing, cash to motivate, and smooth talking but bottom line, as you're about to see, Collin gets some of the best head of his life and it was self proclaimed!

Collin was easy to talk too and during our interview he told me a little bit about himself and some of the sexual escapades that most straight guys have. Colllin was no different and while he talked, I made him take his clothes off exposing that tight, smooth body. I sat him down on the edge of the bed with his legs spread and his hands away from his crotch as I knelt down in front of him to begin my work.

This BJ was no different from any other and Collin's 7 inch cock was everything but usual as it hung down his leg like a abnormal growth on such a small frame. I nursed his cock like a baby just out of the womb licking and sucking every inch of that beautiful cock and driving Collin nuts

After my constant barrage of sucking on his cock I knew I was wearing down this Army brat so I stood him up and instructed him to a parade rest position and continued slamming his cock only this time I asked him to take his hands by the back of my head and drive his cock down my throat which he did with no problem. What seemed like forever was really only about 5 minutes before my jaw was starting to hurt from his pounding so I sat him back down on the bench and finished him off.

I continually beat his cock almost to the point of raw. Collin had this look of desperation almost as he became close to nutting on several occassions but just couldn't get to that point. I, of course, never give up and continued beating and sucking his cock and in the end I always get my man because Collin finally delivered a load that sprayed the whole bench practically and ran all the way down my arm. What a beautiful mess!

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