Head Strong (2000) Studio 2000 DVD

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DVD (folder) and mp4

director Derek Kent

Christopher Scott
Dylan Reece
Jackson Price
Pierce Vendetta
Spike (98 )
Steve O'Donnell
Tommy Lord
Kurt Young - Non-sexual role

Fact and fantasy combine with erotic expertise in Studio 200's newest epic, Head Strong. This tumescent thriller draws on the detective genre an turns it upside down and inside out with a whole new torrid twist. In Head Strong, Studio 2000 and putting edge director Derek Kent provide sizzling sex with hard pricks and private dicks.

Novelist Tommy Lord has a problem. His mega-hung fictional P.I. Rod Derringer (Spike), keeps materializing and getting in the way of this real-life romance with Dylan Reece. Lord must make the choice between fiction and fact and that is what Head Strong is all about.

1. Spike, Jackson Price, Tommy Lord, Dylan Reece

2. Kurt Young, Tommy Lord, Pierce Vendetta

3. Steve O'Donnell, Spike, Tommy Lord, Christopher Scott

4. Tommy Lord, Dylan Reece
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