♺ Warehouse Kinks - Boomer Banks & Christopher Daniels

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2015-05-01 |
Christopher Daniels and Boomer Banks sit on adjacent industrial spools, each wearing a sleeveless t-shirt and jeans, each licking his lips and massaging a growing cock. Boomer stands and moves one step closer to Christopher, who also moves a step closer, kneeling to nuzzle BoomerÂ’s crotch. Christopher unzips BoomerÂ’s jeans, taking a deep whiff of his bush before lowering the jeans and swallowing his cock. He sucks till he chokes and gasps, his oral capacity increasing as BoomerÂ’s cock slowly engorges to its massive max. Christopher, blond and with a shaggy beard, growls and lowers his head like a bull about to charge, then latches onto BoomerÂ’s nuts with his mouth. Leaving his jock strap on, Christopher kneels on top of a spool. Boomer feeds on his ass while pressing the soles of ChristopherÂ’s feet together and fucking the space between them. ChristopherÂ’s ass is next. The walls of his hole stretch reluctantly to admit passage of BoomerÂ’s monster cock. Boomer sucks ChristopherÂ’s toes while fucking him, then they kiss and bathe each other with jism.

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