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Hey, folks!  Update time with Darius today!

- Darius Day 29 - Your first full day back with him after your camping trip!  What kind of stuff is he going to be up to for the day?

- Added a couple of new BGs in with this update from Gavel.  I finally have a new Tennis court background for when players stand OUTSIDE the courts.  It's been one on my mind for a while now, and I have it!  I have a lot of updating to do with that one.  The bookstore also got an update.

- With the approach of October, I'd like to go ahead and make folks aware of how I usually do things for that month (if you're new anyway!).  Each year, I take October off from working on EA to work on a mini project.  CaptainGerBear works with his Tuskbuddy Exchange all month, so instead of making updates with no art assets, I work with another artist in doing something else.  Generally, it's a time for me to experiment and try new things (play styles and art styles).

Last year was with Gavel and Endless Bounty.  This year, I'm trying out something different once more.  I'll share a little more detail about that as time gets closer, but I wanted to let you all know that after the Chester update on the 1st of October, EA updates will not resume until November 16th.  And don't forget, all October Patrons will have access to the project that I complete during October.

- This brings me to anther note.  I still get a lot of folks asking about Richard.  I said I'd start on him after finishing a route, and Coach's route is done!  It still needs some extra work done on it, but his route has ended.  Now, Chester and Spencer's routes are also both ending soon, both only have 2 updates left.  With that happening,  I'll be down to Dozer, Darius... and Richard.  I'll keep working in housekeeping updates with those three to continue touching up and updating art on the other routes, so I can start working on Richard like a normal route.
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