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GayHoopla - Tyler Hanson & John Bailey

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Tyler Hanson & John Bailey
Part 1 - Oral
November 10, 2014

Tyler Hanson brought his best friend, John Bailey to monday's GayHoopla show and it was a HOT DUO!!

Meet John Bailey, age 18, very cute, toned but not muscular per se. John says "I'm a grower," but that didn't prevent me from seeing what I classify "a shower." They had a ton of energy and sought to fill as many requests as they could, making the time fly extremely fast. If you like high energy, with male hands and lips all over another male body, ample sucking and jerking, chances are that you, too, might fall in love with John and particularly John and Tyler! Interestingly enough, although John shied away from "ass play," he had no problem with rimming--oh the ironies of life.

Tyler Hanson & John Bailey
Part 2 - Bareback
November 22, 2014

Tyler Hanson & John Bailey thrilled their saturday evening audience with a live fucking show on GH.

The GayHoopla chat usually has a certain flow to it, almost as though the chat audience has been coached in the logical order of how to ask for things they would like to see. In the same way that foreplay logically precedes penetration, the chat seems to have an appreciation for this natural progression. Tonight, however, once the question was posed, "Is fucking possible for tonight?" and the answer of "Yes" was provided, it was no longer a show with logical progression. It seemed to take on the urgency of a show and tell presentation. From relaxed sexual play, the action became instantly pressurized by having to come up with rock-hard erections--the kind required for effective use.

It soon became obvious that John was having some difficulty which we would learn involved some kind of pain. Suddenly from the lines of chat came a booming voice, emphasized as such through the use of capital letters. It was making it clear that they needed to press ahead and overcome whatever was holding them back. And so there was conflict injected into the mix. Conflict between John and Tyler (John said "no" but Tyler read the chat and said "yes" and conflict in chat between those pushing for penetration and those happy to return to a slower, more natural pace.

The Admins were taken by surprise and it was obvious in Dmitry's "uhhh..." They wanted to use John in GH video, which would only be truly useful if John would keep at least one or two surprises from the general public which could be used in the video. Since both are 18 years of age, they can be excused for thinking with their dicks and not giving ample consideration to the total career package, even though Dmitry was trying to remind Tyler of these broader issues.

In spite of the background issues, I am sure that this live show will become a classic for its abrupt introduction of hard core sex into a live show where a part of the audience is non-paying (free members). Even if Tyler and John became a regular live show fucking feature, I doubt that it would affect the nature of the GH live show. There is still strong interest in performers such as DocTayTay, Ray Ban, Nick Porter, Dmitry Dickov, LaEl, and others, where penetration would not be acceptable. Neither should penetration ever become a standard for a live show. It's a rare breed who can always come up with, and maintain, a lengthy rock hard dick in front of a live cam. Live shows are the opportunity to get to know and enjoy the performer as an individual and not simply a show and tell actor.

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