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Kansas City Trucking Co (1976) DVD

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Descriptiondirector Joe Gage

Bud Jaspar
Dane Tremmell
Duff Paxton
Jack Wrangler
Kurt Williams
Richard Locke
Skip Sheppard
Steve Boyd
N Maria Reina
U David Fairman
U Fred Baker
U Jay Romero
U Joe Gage
U Mark Davis
U Tony Hill

N=Non-sexual role; U=Uncredited performance;

Joe Gage's first film, hugely successful, it was the first of the Kansas City Trucking Co., El Paso Wrecking Corp., L. A. Tool & Die trilogy. Richard Locke is the star of all 3 of the "trilogy", and here he plays an older trucker who is assigned to work with a new kid (big-dicked, str8, Steve Boyd). But before leaving on their first haul together, he and dispatcher/boss Jack Wrangler manage some very hot sex. The one annoyance, although I am used to the "dubbing" so commonly used in some flicks mid-70's, is that Locke's voice is not his own ( he's the narrator, and it makes me wonder if it's Gage doing the narration). On the road, there is a fantastic use of dream-like sequences, flash-backs, etc, while Locke describes to Boyd how to deal with "urges" on the road, away from his girlfriend. Boyd dreams of getting it on with Wrangler, jerks off in the truck with Locke, and eventually, is heavy into the orgy finale (or was that a dream/fantasy?). Some great, dark, backroom type sequences, including a fantastic 3-way in a seemingly abandoned house in the middle of the desert, and two guys getting it on (literally) in and on their convertible. Some parts seem a bit choppy, and some of this is intentional; but, alas, there are some bits and pieces missing from the original  film.

1. Jack Wrangler solo
Jack Wrangler is jerking off a load in the Trucking office.

2. Starting Out
Jack Wrangler, Richard Locke
Driver Hank comes into the office just after Jack zips himself up. Jack allows that he has time for a quick one before the new hire shows up. Jack sucks on Hank's rod and then bends over to take it up the hole. Hank sprays a wide load on Jack's back.

3. Skip Sheppard, Dane Tremmell
Otis passes the truck and waves to Hank. Otis then sees Billy hitch hiking and stops to pick him up. Abruptly, we see the vehicle parked in the trees and Billy is kneeling on the hood jerking off over the windshield for Otis' viewing pleasure. Otis give Billy a rimming and an ass bite before pumping Billy in the face.

4. Turnpike
Jack Wrangler solo, Steve Boyd, Richard Locke
While riding in the truck, Steve Boyd falls asleep and while driving, Richard Locke fantasizes about Jack Wrangler jacking off.

5. Steve Boyd solo, Richard Locke solo
While riding in the truck, Joe is looking at a porn mag and Hank encourages him to stroke one of the most beautiful big cocks (on a boyishly handsome guy) in porndom. Joe spills his seed on the mag and Hank let's his off under the steering wheel.

6. The Dispatcher 200'
Jack Wrangler, Steve Boyd
Joe is asleep again and now it is his turn to fantasize as he dreams of Jack Wrangler sucking his cock. Joe pours beer and cum over Jack as Jack kneels before him.

7. The Desert Rat
Duff Paxton, Bud Jaspar, Kurt Williams
A little blue sports car pulls up alongside the truck with two guys toking weed and playing with cock. They pull up to a small house near the highway and proceed to have sex with the tattooed occupant.

8. The Truckstop
Steve Boyd, Richard Locke, Jack Wrangler
Joe and Hank stop at a truck stop dormitory. As Joe strips his shirt off and plays with himself on a bed, others start getting into action. Hank sucks an anonymous uncut cock sticking through the wire of the mattress on the bunk above him. Others jerk themselves off and in the darkness including Jack Wrangler. Joe wakes up again. How much was he dreaming?
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