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Hot House/Plain Wrapped Video - Call To Arms (1996)

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DescriptionCast:  Jordan West, Wolff, Frank Sylvano, John Ferage, Beau Saxon, Kenny Ford, Rob Harris, Batboy

Director:  Steven Scarborough

Country:  US

Length: 1 hr 28 min

Year: 1996

Studio :  Plain Wrapped Video, Hot House Video

Age: College Freshmen to Late 20s,  Age: Daddies/Men,  Apparel/Uniforms: Armed Forces,  Body Types: Beefy/Bodybuilders/Muscle Men,  Body Types: Gymnasts/Ripped/Swimmers,  Body/Chest Hair: Hairy and Smooth Guys Together,  Butt Play: Dildos/Plugs/Toys,  Butt Play: Finger Fucking/Probing,  Butt Play: Fisting/Extreme Assplay,  Butt Play: Foreign Objects/Getting Creative,  Butt Play: Self-Fisting,  Cast's Looks: Chiseled Face/Handsome,  Cock Sizes: Big and Thick,  Controversial/Disturbing,  Dirty Talk/Verbal Abuse,  Discipline/Punishment,  Fetish: Shaving (Body/Head),  Jerking Off/Masturbation/Solo (Some),  Kinky/Nasty Pig/Raunchy,  Rough Sex,  Theme: Military/Soldier,  Threesomes/Threeways

Jesus. These Plain Wrapped titles just keep on coming. TheyÂ’re all exclusively released on DVD for the first time, each with an impressive array of extras. IÂ’ve sat through the entire collection, and I remember the good old days when I used to be content seeing two guys just holding hands. Nowadays, if those guys arenÂ’t shoving their clasped hands up a third guys rectum, I feel cheated.

This film won Best Special Interest Video at the GVG Awards and after watching this youÂ’ll wonder why it didnÂ’t walk off with a few Oscars. Things in here will make your eyes water, your toes curl, your sphincter tighten and your cock shoot the most itÂ’s ever shot. Be aroused, be very aroused!

ItÂ’s a military theme this time, and itÂ’s always a pleasure when Plain Wrapped deviate from their usual dungeon themes: heck, they made baseball truly filthy in Batter Up! OK, letÂ’s see a bunch of guys be all that they can be, by taking huge foreign objects up their assholes.

We start with Sarge Ford in his office, putting Wolff through his paces: “Do you like the feeling of authority?” he asks. “Yes sir” replies the Private. “Open the drawer soldier,” he commands and Wolff obliges, his eyebrows shooting right off his forehead when he looks inside. “Are you prepared to do your duty?” Ford enquires, unbuckling his fatigues.

Off come the trousers and we discover the “duty.” Fuck your commanding officer with a giant dildo. Never one to disobey a direct order Wolff proceeds to thrust it in and out of Ford’s foxhole, sending him shuddering with joy. Wolff then uses both hands to further stretch those cheeks before slowly expanding his innards with his fists. After punchfucking him for a while Wolff suddenly runs from the office leaving his angry commander furiously shouting, “Where are you going? I’m not through with you yet! Private!” Rightly so. How is Wolff gonna be able to defend his country when he can’t even finish off a simple fistjob?

Elsewhere new recruit West is getting a buzzcut from Saxon. In a great leap of logic we suddenly see West bearing his ass to the barber who coats his cheeks with crème - that ass needs a shave and expert Saxon soon has it softer than a baby’s!

Saxon begins to loosen up WestÂ’s hole with a finger. He patiently works four up there and begins to fingerfuck West, whoÂ’s having an amazing time. The Saxon introduces West to his first ever dildo. He slowly and expertly introduced the well-lubed latex monster inside, and when West is totally relaxed, fucks him with it, all the while slapping and playing with the raw recruitÂ’s balls. Turned over, West, mewing like a nymphomaniac kitten, works his huge cock whilst Saxon probes him even deeper with the sex toy. Unable to stop himself West shoots everywhere, sobbing like a baby as the gloop flies. This scene is fabulous and I had to take a smoke break to calm down.

Cut to the sleeping quarters and sexy, hirsute Sylvano (who is either Czech or Italian depending on who you ask - Czecalian?) is alone on his bunk. What’s a horny soldier to do? Get out the two foot long dildo you keep in your storage and get busy! He sucks the latex lovely whilst fingering and slapping his asscheeks. He rides the monstrosity and let’s rip some really filthy verbal too! He constantly removes the dildo so we can see his ever expanding sphincter, which almost rosebuds at one point. The white lube dripping out of a well abused hole! Lying on his cot with another dildo, he thrusts it in and out telling the audience that he wants us “to fuck my pussy” over and over again. Get to the back of the line, I’m up first! His rectum truly ruptured, he releases a volcano of the white stuff that he then rubs into his sweaty body. Another smoke break here.

Prepare to be amazed, sickened and shocked as Batboy is introduced. Also prepare to roll about on the floor in hysterics.

No build up here, this Rupert Everett lookalike already has a behemoth up his ass, which he rips out and thrusts back in for all our pleasures. But hereÂ’s the thing that you will never forget. Every in and out causes the loudest most hilarious farty slurps you have ever heard. Has this guy got gastric flu? ItÂ’s a total lack of style and thatÂ’s what makes it even more stylish. I guess the producers just had to keep it in, because this guy sounds like heÂ’s got a Warner Brothers cartoon up his catflap. YouÂ’ll notice smoke rising in the background and IÂ’m guessing thatÂ’s actually methane. One stray spark and the whole studio would have gone up in flames. And that sphincter opens and shuts unaided so much it looks like it could teach the Pop Idols a thing or two about miming.

You got to see this scene to believe it. I swear to Almighty God!

Back in the sleeping quarters a naked Sylvano is set upon by two comrades, Ferage and Harris. They both hold him down as Harris begins to finger fuck him, before the whole hand slips in. The mega dildo reappears and they force their captive to “back up onto it” which he does, as Ferage forces him to ride it even more wildly.

In a really hot sequence Ferage holds SylvanoÂ’s legs behind his head by supporting his knees with his rifle, exposing that hole to HarrisÂ’ thick black dildo that heÂ’s using with great pleasure. The dirty talk just doesnÂ’t stop and soon Harris is shooting his baby-gravy all over SylvanoÂ’s tight hairy torso.

ThereÂ’s another short scene with the amazing flatulent Batboy, who partakes in an impressive feat of self-fisting (way past the wrist!) before showing us how he got his name. Out comes a large wooden baseball bat and guess where it ends up! Where do they find these people? Who moved the rock?

Next up more barrack-antics as Ferage astounds God and Nature by being another performer who takes the infamous Plain Wrapped three foot long traffic cone buttplug all the way to the hilt. Guys who do this really deserve a star on Hollywood Boulevard. He then takes both of HarrisÂ’ hands before his right arm, all the way to the elbow. A quick two handed punch fuck and we return to Batboy, whoÂ’s got one last trick up his, ahem, sleeve.

WhatÂ’s he doing lubing up that heavy duty industrial anchor link? He pushes it all the way in - or rather, his ass sucks it in like a strand of spaghetti - then pulls it back out with a number of accompanying farts. This was BatboyÂ’s first and only porno, and I hope heÂ’s now making a living touring the South as part of a travelling freakshow. And the film ends. Oh Dear God.

YouÂ’ve got to buy this. Not just if you are into extreme assplay - BatboyÂ’s Mr. Methane act will entertain your partygoers for years to come. Whatever insanity gripped Plain Wrapped when they made this fuckflick, please keep it coming!
-Froufrou A. Gogo

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