High Octane - Swim Meat 1

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Maîtres Nageurs Sauveteurs
distributor Body Prod released ? length
distributor Marc Dorcel Video released ? length
Swim Meat 1
High Octane Productions released 2000 length 115
Paladin Video released ? length
category General Hardcore
studio Body Prod
rating out of 4 ***
produced ?
location Hungary
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director Hervé Bodilis
dir. photography Hervé Bodilis
editor Hervé Bodilis
exec. producer Patrick Albret
music Rock Hard
script Maria Budai
Attila H.
Attila J.
Attila L.
Balazs T.
Gabor M.
Imre T.
Istvan S.
Lajos D.
Laszlo F.
Laszlo L.
Mihaly H.
Peter T.
Robert P.
Sandor S.
Zoltan C.
Zoltan L.
Zsolt K.
source: promotional material
Before the summer season starts, sea rescuers undergo a very special training exercise in a swimming pool. Needless to say, the big dicks of our 17 young hunks will get out of their swimming suits extremely quickly and head straight to the point: filling numerous sexy assholes & greedy mouths.
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reviews From GayVideoDad

I get a little leery when foreign-produced videos boast a large cast of unknown actors. Too many times you end up watching skinny, anemic twinks who can't fuck worth a damn. On top of that, production values are minimal and the whole thing looks like it was filmed through gauze. Well, not this time, Tiger! Director Herve Handsome delivers the goods in this two hour long video featuring 17 incredibly hot jocks fucking and sucking away.
The men in this video are stunning and look like jocks, with well-muscled bods and almost universally huge, uncut cocks. Even though there is no dialogue, you can still figure out the "plot" in each scene. Production values are good, with minimal costumes (yeah!), scenes filmed all over the gym and great camera/lighting work. Although there is no central plot, all the scenes take place in or around a university-style swimming pool.
Handsome starts things out with a three-way bang, having two team-mates take a third back to the locker room after he inhales some water in the pool. Mouth-to-mouth soon turns into a make-out session between Istvan S. and the injured Laszlo L.,while the very hunky Milahy H. does some inhaling of his own on Laszlo's rod. All three studs are good looking and muscular, but Milahy steals the show with his hairy pecs and aggressive cocksucking. His muscle ass gets plowed by both teammates in a variety of combinations before all three guys shoot their loads all over him. Very hot!
In the next scene, Zoltan C. and Attila H. spend some time by the whirlpool making out. Soon Attila is slurping down Zoltan's dick before he takes it up his furry little hole, first doggie-style then by sitting and bouncing up and down on it. Again, some good, solid fucking by guys who look like they are really into each other's bods.
The next scene is another three-way, with one of the hottest setups in the video. Swim coach Imre T. checks out one of his jocks, Zoltan L., lifting weights. They are joined by fellow stud Attila L. Clad only in blue t-shirts and navy bikinis, the three hunks quickly get it on, with Coach Imre nurses on hunky Zoltan's uncut wonder right there on the weight bench. Zoltan is handsome, well built and has a beautifully thick cock. Attila, a great-looking guy himself, takes Zoltan up his ass while sucking on the coach's cock. Imre is soon getting his jock pussy fucked by the mighty Zoltan, his cock staying rock hard the entire time he is getting plowed. That rigid cock soon finds its way up Attila's hungry hole before all three guys shoot loads all over themselves. Good-looking coaches that suck and fuck with team members... sigh.
Speaking of members, Gabor M. gets his throat wrapped around Peter T.'s member poolside in the next scene. Gabor is a super-cute hottie who really seems to love sucking cock. After the oral action, six-pack-abbed Peter sticks his peter up Gabor's tight tush. Gabor moans a lot as his hairy hole is pounded standing up, sitting down, lying down and on all fours! Talk about a fuckfest!
The next scene is also a two-man scene, featuring short, dark-haired cutie Zsolt K. getting his dick sucked in the shower by bigger-built Balazs T. Zsolt is a lean little centaur with a furry lower half. After getting his curved cock sucked by Balazs, he returns the favor, getting his cute face fucked. It's Balazs' ass that gets fucked though, right there in the showers. Zsolt throws a pile-driving fuck into his buddy's ass, especially when he is fucking him from behind and grabbing the guy's hair to hold on.
The last scene is a five-way fuck-and-suck marathon right outside the pool. Although everyone is good looking, the guys all have different enough looks that you won't be confused during any of the fucking figuring out who's fucking whom. Lajos D. is a beautiful, versatile stud with a huge dick and a tight, worked-out bod. Yum! The biggest standout in the group scene, though, is consummate bottom Laszlo F., who sucks and gets fucked by each of the other four hunks. Laszlo has handsome dark looks, a killer athletic bod and an ass that won't quit! I'll take two, please! He's at his hottest bouncing up and down on one cock,while having his dick sucked and sucking a third guy. Now, that's team effort! The scene ends with everyone taking a ride in Laszlo's hole, then shooting their load all over him. Our boy Laszlo looks like he is in cum-pig heaven. Do I really need to say that this scene sizzles??
Other small companies should use this video as a training tape to see how good a foreign video can be. Hard-bodied hunks in tiny swimsuits, simple plot, great camera work and hot sex - that's all that's required! And Herve Handsome hits the jackpot with this flick. The only problem with the video is in the editing (some of the moaning doesn't match the mouths), and it would have been nice to see some of the same actors again in other scenes. But who can argue with a gorgeous cast of 17? With more elaborate plots, costumes and scenes, Mr. Handsome could be playing in the Bjorn leagues of video making. Meanwhile, I am going to dig out my high school Speedo and head to Eastern Europe looking for an Attila or a Laszlo!
- Ryan Williams
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