♺ Centaur - Hotter than Hell

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Original upload: 2010-12-26 |
An oldie but goodie I found stashed away in a CD.  If someone has access to the DVD or has a newer copy please upload it!
Seedbonus appreciated!

Starring: Vince Rockland, Logan Reed, Kevin Kramer, John Ross, Peter Wilder, Rip Stone, Scott Daniels, Doug Perry, Dax Kelly, Jack Simmons

Categories: Firemen, Uniform, Threeways, Spanking, oral Sex, Anal Sex, Big Loads

Swishy, lispy blonde bottom, Kevin Kramer and his "roommate" John Ross, conveniently live across the street from a fire station. Much to Ross's dismay, out of work, and ever-horny Kramer, spends his free time fantasizing about the firefighters. After a nasty catfight, Ross heads out for work, leaving Kramer to wonder what Peter Wilder, Scott Daniels, and Doug Perry would do after their shift. Cut to one sizzling three-way, which acts as a springboard for this tireless film. Wilder, Daniels, and Perry lunge at one another licking rippled bellies, pert asses, and sucking mammoth cocks. Perry acts as the filling between the sandwich when the three move into position for a fantastic three-way fuck, but it is Daniels who receives his fill of man meat throughout the entire scene; whether down his throat or up his luscious butt. All three fire off tumultuous loads to end this incredible scene.

Logan Reed comes to his Kramer's rescue when he sets the apartment on fire. (Don't worry... it's only a fantasy, remember?) Logan strips off his coat to reveal his beautifully sculpted body, and then plugs Kramer's wanton ass to the brim with his rock hard fuck stick.

Rip Stone, Jack Simmons, and platinum blonde Dax Kelly heat things up in the third scene. After they wash the fire truck down, they hose each other down with their wet mouths. Fans of Simmons will love watching his ever-hard black cock glide in and out of Dax's steaming hole; and if you like your men beefy, you'll enjoy Stone's performance, too! He puts it to Kelly to loosen him up a little more before Simmons makes another assault on him. This is a delicious multi-faceted scene worthy of playback.

Again, Ross heads off to work, but seems to be having trouble getting his car started. Here, the film's Mega Star, Vince Rockland, comes to Ross's aide, and then invites himself over to the apartment for the fierce finale. Ross dives in for a helping of Rockland's fat cock and receives a belt spanking, ass-pounding ride! Kramer comes in to find the two post-intercourse, and reams Ross out for having had sex with his fantasy fire fighter. The film fades to black as the two carry on in another bitch fight.

Director and editor Chip Daniels created a fine film jammed full of hard bodies, enormous cocks, hungry mouths, asses, and gigantic loads of gism.

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