Fantasy Cum True 6 - Chris' Gang Bang

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DescriptionFantasy Cum True 6 - Chris' Gang Bang

Chris Neal, Aaron Cumming, Bo Knight, David Rios, Ethan Cole, Jack King, Rahiim, Rocky Massive, Shawn Williams, Toby O'Connor

If you're going to have a fantasy, reach for the stars! The fantasy of Chris Neal is to be gang-banged by a ton of men, and thanks to, his fantasy is made a reality. In a non-descript room at the Parliament Resort in Augusta, Georgia as opposed to some glossy porn set where this sort of thing happens all the time, Chris bears the brunt of horniness with style and a super-efficient ass.
The men have already started without Chris. Led by Bo Knight, vascular and strapping as ever, they are playing around, sucking here and there and generally enjoying themselves (none of the guys are actually identified). Into this gaggle of nine pumped and ready men comes Chris Neal, a lean guy with tattoos on most of his torso, abs, pelvis and arms, even his dick! The guys immediately take him into their coven and he's quickly undressed.
Bo leads the charge, bending Chris over and making a full-course meal of his ass. Toby O'Connor, looking as dashingly cute as ever, goes next, and Chris' ass is shown to be well-traveled and experienced in muscular control. Chris isn't idle as a series of guys play with his butt, licking whatever cock comes near his face. Bo seems to have drawn the lucky card, because this roaring giant is first to fuck Chris, bellowing with sounds not heard since the days of the caveman. Chris just smiles broadly as Bo pounds him with his two tons of strength. After a second fuck, Chris emerges from bottom bliss so the gang can engage in more foreplay. There's a 69 in one corner, a slow methodical blowjob in another, and Chris sucks and gets sucked with wonderful speed in another. Actually, Chris' dick is among the most impressive of the clan, and if he weren't so intent on getting power-fucked, it might be fun to see him top, too. There are actually other bottoms, too. In fact, one bottom gets double-fucked very briefly by Bo and Tony, mildly complaining that it hurt. But it sure looked good!
But, all of this is just a tease to the real action, the fantasy come true. Chris is bent over a table while the others help themselves to condoms and one of the more natural looking guys of the pack gives Chris a pleasant fuck, a good one to start. Then comes Bo with not only a wilder fuck (and all the intact zoo sounds), but also a fist that fits snuggly in Chris' butt. Chris, mind you, has yet to wince. My guess? Chris has been preparing for this fantasy for a long time!
As Bo eggs everyone on, each of the nine gets to fuck Chris as silly as he wants. There are lots of different styles here. There is one guy who gyrates his long cock in Chris' ass, another who seems intent on pulling the sling's chains from the ceiling, and some who just want to give him fine old-fashioned thrusting. And Bo and his savagery, of course. The action is quite fleeting, with the guys getting only moments at a time, literally tag-teaming to get inside Chris. All of this is done to please Chris and no one loses sight of that fact. The actual top doesn't always matter, and the camera knows it, but the fact of the topping does, and it's fascinating to watch as style after style invades Chris' invincible ass. "Nice and warm," one of the tops notes as he slides into Chris easily. After all that's been going on in Chris' ass, I'm surprised it's not on fire! Once the guys have had their time, Chris aims his cum-shot at his mouth and coats his entire smiling face. Cum then flies all over the room as everyone else finishes. There's a whole lot of sperm spewed by these sated strangers, all in the name of fulfilling Chris' fantasy.
Spent, but looking like he could go a few more rounds, Chris lazes in the sling and vocalizes his appreciation as the camera zooms in on his ass, stretching and doing its fun calisthenics as proof that director Chris Finn picked the absolute right man for the job. For a final coda, the guys all stand around Chris in the sling as he beats off once again.
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