[Gemini Studios] Signature Series: Justin

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DescriptionScene 1:
Justin is hanging out, literally. His semi hard dick is poking out of his jeans! He strips and bends over to show his hot butt and how big his dick looks even from the back! By now he is rock hard and his dick bounces as he walks around the studio! He tries on some different clothes and flexes looking hot in a worn flannel shirt and no shorts. In some skimpy shorts, his hard dick looks great and you get to see it like he s standing over you! His dick is huge!! In a green tank top and yellow jock strap, he plays with a basketball before settling down to some touchy feely with his body and gives you another great butt shot! He gets his dick hard and jacks it, He loves to show off his piercing and there are some great close up shots. He shoots a huge load on the basketball.

Scene 2:
Justin is naked and standing before a huge mirror. He caresses his oiled torso and plays with his huge hard dick. You see two Justins as he gets hotter and hotter and puts on quite a show! He kisses his image as he gets closer and closer to a huge juicy load that he squirts all over the glass. In a surprise move, he bends over and licks his hot man juice off the glass, even showing you his own cum on his tongue! After all this hot action, he takes a long hot shower to clean up. He poses and flexes in the shower and watching the water stream down his taut torso and off the end of his cock is a visual feast. He even looks sexy drying off!

Scene 3:
In a pair of boxers, Justin lets it all hang out before getting naked and kickin back. His six pack abs look incredible as he lounges getting ready for some hot toy action. He throws his legs up and shows his hot ass. It's going to be more fun with a hard dick, so he plays with his cock and really gets off on his Prince Albert. His dick gets hard and fingers his juicy butt before attacking it with a vibrator. This goes well and he stays hard, so he wants something bigger. Something about the size of a large cucumber, so why not a cucumber! He rams it home and jacks his dick while the cucumber almost disappears! But that's not enough. He jerks and jerks and plays with his nuts really getting into his hot body (And we don't blame him as long as we get to watch!!) He grabs a 12 dildo and pushes it deep into his ass. He braces the dildo against his foot and jacks his dick to a great rock hard on! He fucks and fucks his ass and can't believe how good it feels. All of this is against a black background so you just see his great body seeming to float in space. Justin flips over on his knees and really fucks himself hard. He's into it and it's into him!! He really works to get as much of the rubber cock into his ass as he can. On his back with his legs up high and wide, he works his tingling butt over with a variety of toys. Vibrators, cucumbers, dildos and beer bottles all find a warm, moist home before he pulls all the stops out and sits on a huge dildo and rides it hard. He stays hard as the dildo glides in and out of his ass jacking his dick to a gushing climax in his hand. He eats his load and shows you how hot he looks with his own load dripping down his handsome face! He licks his load off and swallows it. Good to the last drop.
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