♺ Customboys - Frat Initiations 8

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-11-09 |

Stars: Dave, Jack, Joe, Tim, Alexi

Tim: Like so many before him, Tim, a star jock on the hockey team, is stripped to his briefs, blindfolded, bound, and left to the whims of the pledge-master. He works on Tim's dick a little then turns his attention to Tim's fuzzy ass. He squeezes Tim's cheeks like over-ripe cantaloupes then greases up his gloved fingers to probe Tim's puckered hole. Tim balks at the thought of a dildo up his ass, but the pledge-master is insistent and gets his way even as Tim contorts in discomfort. After a good reaming, Tim learns to love sucking on the plastic prick. He is placed on display while the pledge-master kneels behind him to jerk Tim off to a cum-flowing orgasm.

Jack: The frat house has a new pledge-master tonight, a fellow frat member who has been elevated to the master's job. He takes Jack, an AWOL Army dude, in hand and shows him what brotherly love and devotion is all about. When the pledge-master tests Jack's desire to join by thrusting his cock into Jack's face, he fails by pulling back and rejecting the cock. He is given another chance and this time, grudgingly at first, he passes the test. To be fair, the pledge-master demonstrates his own devotion to Jack by sucking the pledge's cock. These tests go back and forth until the pledge-master himself pops a nut all over Jack's butt and back.

Dave: This Iowa farm boy is pretty easy going and he thinks he can handle whatever these big-city frat guys can dish out... Let's see. The pledge-master blindfolds Dave, then strips off his shirt and runs his hands over the farm boy's smooth chest and abs and over his lightly furred ass. Dave grits his teeth and winces as the pledge-master probes his asshole with a gloved finger or two and even manages the dildo in his butt though it clearly hurts. Dave starts to enjoy things more when he gets to pump his cock into the pledge-master's hungry mouth and then he finishes himself off to a breathless climax.

Alexi: This 18-year-old Russian exchange student is learning all about American collegiate customs the hard way. The pledge-master has him blindfolded and bound even before the camera starts rolling and Alexi's hard, uncut cock is proof that he doesn't mind at all as the pledge-master oils up his body and tickles his nearly hairless balls. Alexi has his ass patted and spanked and probed and he takes it all with quiet Russian stoicism until he reaches the breaking point and lets loose with a fountain of cum that spurts all the way up to his nipples.

Joe: This tattooed and nipple-pierced stud is a little huskier than some of the other frat wanna-be's, but it's all muscle from his days on the high school football team. He reveals his weakness when he flinches as the pledge-master strokes his dick. He's very sensitive... and rock-hard too as the pledge-master strokes his cock and squeezes his nuts. Joe is forced to suck on the master's cock as part of his initiation and he seems to take to it just fine. The fingers and the dildo up his ass are a different matter and he makes a lot of noise about that. Finally that's over with and the pledge-master jerks him off to a powerful orgasm to conclude his initiation.

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