Chad Hunt fucks Lance Gear

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DescriptionThis scene is a gym fantasy, with Chad Hunt as a star wrestler and Lance Gear as his coach. Lance proved he is an apt match for Chad's monstrous dick in LaRue's "In Gear" (Rascal), so it's no surprise that he does just as well with it here. Sexy bald Lance, with the come-kiss-me eyes overcoming a sinister goatee, not to mention a full mat of chest hair that has been allowed to grow out even more than usual here, is a surprising foil for lanky multi-tattooed Chad, but Lance's desire to please Chad's cock is so overwhelming they could make this scene work if they were on separate coasts. Lance soothes Chad's tension with a quick shoulder rub and then each reaches for the opposite cock. Under his singlet, Chad wears his trademark black jockstrap (perhaps he doesn't fit into normal underwear, it's possible), and once Lance goes under that, he's finally rewarded with the massive double-digit prick. Lance straddles it with his hands and goes about blowing it with superb gusto, chowing down whatever he can with an insistent sense of glee. He even uses his coach's whistle as a makeshift cockring and tease-toy, as if any dick needs anything other than Lance Gear's mouth to feel pleasure. Chad can hardly wait to get into Lance's pants, and he begins to massage that most delicious appendage. Lance bends over in front of Chad, the muscles in his ass clenching in anticipation, so that Chad can munch up in there. Chad dives in and that's the last we see of his face, marooned somewhere in Lance's amazing ass. We know whatever he's doing is working because Lance is purring up a storm of absolute lust. Chad eventually blows Lance, doing a fine job and having obviously taken notes from the stud who just perfected him. Chad does finally fuck Lance, of course. Good sport Lance takes every last of inch of it from the first, and it's not a nice pound he's given. Chad hits him hard with every thrust and Lance sexily growls his approval. The fuck doesn't go on too long before both cum moderate shots, Lance fully satisfied with his latest triumph.

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