Trunks 2

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DescriptionDirector Steven Scarborough's "Trunks 2" features some of the best-filled, tiniest swimsuits on view this side of the International Male catalog.

There's something about these slips of body-clinging, near diaphanous fabric that makes a man's loins look even more naked than naked. This well-endowed cast needs no enhancements, but the sight of their erections and balls pressed into damp, filmy bikinis just makes them all the more mouthwatering.

As soon as handsome Brad Patton arrives to checks into the Palm Springs resort location, he is immediately cruised by the dangerous-when-wet (and dry, actually) stunner Matt Cole, who's lolling around the pool with cutie Omer. Matt announces his intentions to have his way with Brad, but he's quickly distracted by stud Jason Kingsley's manipulation of the contents of his own swimsuit, which results in a raging erection. Like a horny bee to an open and very willing flower, Matt approaches Jason's crotch and dives on it. Matt's butt provides entertainment for Jason, who fingers and fondles Matt's exposed butthole, teasing out some provocative moans and groans with his efforts. Soon Matt is on all-fours, his inviting pucker wet with Jason's saliva, glistening like a jewel in the hot desert sun. The highlight of this scene is its versatility, and both Matt and Jason turn in excellent top-to-bottom performances. In one breathtaking shot that stands out among others, Jason slowly presses his long dick into Matt doggy, pulling almost all the way out of Matt's ass and then -- very deliberately -- inching forward until he's buried balls-deep again. It's the kind of deliriously unpredictable fuck that most bottoms dream of, with stokes that vary between teasingly slow and unrelentingly hard, a performance by a stud who is an obvious expert at booty-pleasing. The finale of this high-wire flip-flop act is sensational. Jason's orgasm, unleashed while Matt is thrusting into him missionary, is a drencher, and Matt follows with a load that rains down on Jason's cock and balls in fat white drops.

Jason Kingsley also in the next scene, a three-way, with Robert Van Damme and Jason Ridge. Jason Ridge, lucky stud, is often the center of attention between Robert and Jason Kingsley, although each dude gets his chance to be in the performing spotlight. A picturesque daisy-chain rim, with the trio on all-fours and Robert in the middle (and a rather spectacular mountainous landscape as the backdrop -- although you're forgiven if you don't notice it the first time you see this) is followed by a fuck that rocks. Jason Ridge gets it from behind by Jason Kingsley as Robert feeds his uncut meat to Jason Ridge. Later, and this is equally stunning visually, Robert delivers a standing fuck to Jason Kingsley as Jason Ridge leans in to deep-throat Jason Kingsley's cock. Jason Ridge also delivers a very natural, kind of humorous moment near the climax of the scene. Jason Kingsley, who is fucking him, slows his thrusts when he senses Jason Ridge is near orgasm: "Don't stop," Jason Ridge orders. Jason Kingsley complies, and shortly after Jason Ridge blasts an enormous load over his buff torso. I love it when a guy knows what he wants and isn't afraid to ask (well, in this case, demand) it.

Tony Mecelli's tight body catches Nick Piston's eye as Nick floats by on a pool raft. Nick unleashes Tony's rock-hard cock from the tiny swimsuit Tony's wearing and gives an expert, riveting dick-sucking performance, his pink lips pursed around Tony's pole as he glides up and down the shaft. Nick's "you lie there and I'll do all the work" attitude is pervasive in the scene, and next Tony watches as Nick slowly sits on his cock. The deeper it goes, and the longer Nick rides it, the harder Nick's cock gets, and his balls rise up so tight in their sac that they almost disappear. The hot fucking continues doggy and then side-by-side, leading to a loud orgasm from Nick. Then Tony creams Nick's leg and the scene ends with a hot kiss shot in tight close-up. It's as if Nick realizes that to miss out on kissing Tony's pillowy lips would be a waste, even after the hot fuck they've just had (or maybe that's just me).

Ultra-hung Justin Gemini brings enough meat to the table that really no one else need bother, but in the next scene, a poolside orgy with Trey Casteel, Omer and Alex Collack make it a beef lover's bonanza. The scene is energetic throughout, so much so that it's almost impossible to know where to focus when all four dudes are in the camera's lens, but the smart money is on watching Omer as he valiantly sucks Justin's monster cock and later, watching Omer's face as it registers a mixture of disbelief and pleasure when Justin shoves his cock all the way inside him. Trey, meanwhile, has more than enough man to handle with Alex, in a scene where the action mirrors the other couple. Watching these side-by-side performances ends up not eliciting comparison so much as awe for the on point choreography. Later, things get more mixed up between the four as the dudes rocket toward a cum-soaked finale. Each of the four loads is stunning to watch: Trey's cream rockets out of his cock after Alex works his G-spot with a finger, and then Alex spurts a blast that flies in an arc over Trey's body. Next, Justin spews a gusher from his thick meat, a rocket-shot that travels a few feet, easily, shown off at an impressive profile angle. Omer goes last, his dick creaming his crotch.

In the final scene, Matt finally hooks up with Brad, and though the action has been spectacular up to this point, this duo raises the bar even higher. Matt manages to get Brad's massive cock out of the pouch of his yellow bikini, and when it pops into view you have to wonder how all that cock managed to fit inside so little material. Is Brad's bikini made of some new space-age fabric that has unlimited stretching potential? Was it a technical trick of the camera? Or was David Blaine on the set that day? Anyway, Brad's cock understandably mesmerizes Matt, who drops to his knees and licks it up and down (and if you have any doubts about how big it really is, just compare it to the size of Matt's head in the shot from overhead the action). Brad then upends Matt and tongues his ass until Brad is begging to be fucked, proof positive that Brad has great rimming abilities. The scenes that follow have Brad fucking Matt's ass in a variety of positions, and Matt, bless him, not only takes the huge cock with ease, he also manages to do it with a lot of style and even hunger. This fuck scene is one that has to be seen to be believed, and very few men (castmate Jason Kingsley is another) who have been able to meet the daunting challenge of Brad's cock so expertly. Matt -- you're my new hero. Ironically, after the performances that have preceded them by these two, finale cum-shots are almost anticlimactic, but they are certainly awesome enough. Matt's loud cries as he shoots his load are particularly excellent.

Steven Scarborough never disappoints, but he exceeded all my expectations here with his unerring direction; the sexy men; the color-saturated, crystal-clear photography; and, above all -- the eye-popping sex throughout.
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