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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-04-23 |
Dammit, this guy is one the most beautiful dudes I have seen on Cam4 - as soon as I spotted him, I became a stalker. I collected all the videos I could find from him online and made this pack (which differs from the flv pack when becomes to file size!)

You won't be disappointed if you are into hung, hunk guys!

And if you enjoyed it PLEASE GIVE ME SEED BONUS! ;)

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latino23bom-07-26.mp4 630.86 MB
latino23bom-05-26-Portugal.mp4 494.70 MB
latino23bom-28-11.mp4 479.16 MB
latino23bom-28-14.mp4 353.21 MB
latino23bom-g-Portugal.mp4 345.18 MB
latino23bom-28-2.mp4 342.06 MB
39130b1986c6a584.mp4 324.44 MB
latino23bom-06-18-Portugal.mp4 319.12 MB
latino23bom-Portugal_0.mp4 306.68 MB
348288347b419fbe.mp4 231.61 MB
latino23bom-28.mp4 185.59 MB
latino23bom-28-USA.mp4 181.76 MB
latino23bom-28-4.mp4 174.06 MB
latino23bom-06-20-Portugal.mp4 162.57 MB
latino23bom-28-15_0.mp4 151.43 MB
877456328e94f119.mp4 151.33 MB
latino23bom-28-8.mp4 138.29 MB
latino23bom-Portugal-02_0.mp4 107.01 MB
latino23bom-chest-G-Portugal.mp4 102.32 MB
latino23bom-28-6.mp4 99.96 MB
latino23bom-28-3.mp4 79.57 MB
latino23bom-20_0.mp4 68.84 MB
latino23bom-28-18.mp4 64.06 MB
latino23bom-28-9.mp4 48.76 MB
latino23bom-28-10.mp4 47.61 MB
latino23bom-28-1.mp4 36.02 MB
f8e749ee39c838ca.mp4 35.09 MB
latino23bom-Portugal-01.mp4 28.61 MB
latino23bom-28-17.mp4 10.85 MB

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