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Fistpack 32 Stuff That Ass

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Description"It's gut-check time in Fistpack 32: Stuff that Ass . These fisting fiends are ready to stuff and get stuffed – round after round of bowel boxing that will leave you wishing for more. This is flip fisting at its best and these studs trade ass blows ferociously. This isn't for the squeamish as these pigs take fisting to another dimension, stuffing gaping holes to unthinkable levels and widening holes to unheard of extremes.

Erik Rhodes is a beast – an animal down on his haunches, down on his knees just oozing sexuality. His muscled frame, those thunderous thighs and that ass so round and tempting even he can't leave it alone. This beast can get piggy too, and Trent Bloom sneaks in, anxious to get a piece of the action and quickly gets to work. He buries his snout between Erik's huge mounds and starts to root around. Then, he coats his hands with lube and pokes a fingertip, then another, and then another one inside Erik's hot hole. The beast takes it well and Trent pushes further, easily getting four fingers inside, all the way up to the knuckles, and then shoves in his entire clenched mitt. Trent punch-fucks Erik's hole repeatedly, his fist jabbing in and out pummeling Erik's cave. Every blow relaxes and numbs the sphincter that it soon turns inside out, exposing Erik's huge rosebud. The big man coos and moans, jacking himself off excitedly until his cum seeps out of his piss-slit – a yummy reward for Trent to suck up.

Game's on for Boyhous and Caedon Chase, both of them professional sex pigs eager to rock the other to his foundation. Boyhous is first: his legs spread open, and his manhole waiting with anticipation. Caedon charges right in, his flying fist covered in lube, making his lean hairy partner emit low guttural moans of approval. More fist-pumping, more prodding, more digging really gets Boyhous going! The tender tissue of Boyhous's asshole quickly exposes, protruding and flushing out its crimson interior. It looks like it hurts, but the pain is pleasure and the two play even harder. The adrenaline's still pumping when Caedon gets down and yields his ass and Boyhous is just as determined to pillage that hole and handily doles out some ass pounding. Caedon grimaces with every blow and his cries provoke Boyhous to get even rougher. Chilled and thrilled, Caedon finally busts his nut. Boyhous follows suit, spooging all over their leather nest and then licking it clean.

Erik Rhodes is someone to fear and revere, and Trent Bloom is quaking in his boots. As far as Trent's concerned, he's in for a no-holds-barred, no-limits fist fight. He's got an asshole begging to be savaged and after Erik delivers a few closed-hand jabs inside, Trent surrenders; his hole loosens up. Erik punches his massive fists into the pliable socket with little resistance, watching the fleshy crack stretch wide to satisfy every thrust. The big stud manipulates Trent's crimson crater to pop out, watching it bloom and reveal its huge bloom. He laps at the cherry-red tissue, giving Trent temporary respite. Then with Trent folded up, Erik buries his fist deep inside his asshole, trekking so far inside he reaches his stomach. He grins seeing his hand punch Trent's belly from the inside. The veins in Trent's forehead are popping, but he's not complaining. And only when he blows his wad and his asshole retracts does this wicked bowel boxing match come to its end."
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