CF-Roman Empties Kyler 1080p

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As of late, I've found myself often thinking, "Wow these two are so in to one another I wonder if there's something more going on there" a lot. We'll film two guys in an episode, and the electricity in the room is so real and palpable I can't help but think both of the guys in it have been secretly craving the opportunity to have at one another for some time, or a real spark has ignited between them. The thing is, I've found myself thinking this about the same guys over and over, even when paired with different guys. To me, that must mean they all really do have some profound chemistry with one another.

The guys spend a lot of time with one another, hang out together, have sometimes done an episode with one another prior, and all that builds up to pent up energy and a genuine desire to do more and more with one another while we watch. I'm not complaining! All that is certainly the case with Roman and Kyler here.

The way they go at it here makes me think they've spent every minute since the last time they saw one another eagerly awaiting the chance to hook up again. Kyler was eagerly awaiting the chance to get drilled by Roman's cock; Roman was eagerly awaiting the chance to rail Kyler's hole. How much was Kyler wanting it? Well... he cums twice in this episode! That's what Roman's dick does to him. And I think, since this episode was filmed, Roman's been thinking about how he fucked two loads out of Kyler, Kyler's been thinking about what Roman's dick does to him, and both guys are wondering when they are going to get to do this all over again.

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