High Performance Men - Bucked and Fucked (DVD)

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Bucked and Fucked delivers pure sexual performances. These studs are built for the job and do it well. Shoving those thick dicks up each others asses until they bust their loads. YChad Gou'll enjoy this film, where performance matters! Real powerful, masculine, and confident gay men. They have the experience to bring their partners to the peaks of sexual pleasure. They also love to teach and train others how to suck, fuck, and edge themselves to unbelievable climaxes! All this in Bucked and Fucked.(Also includes interviews with the models)

1. Boston Miles,  Dylan Hauser
2. Drake Jaden,  Ricky Sinz
3. Gavin Waters,  Trent Diesel
4. Girth Brooks, Trent Diesel
5. Chad Glenn,  Joe Parker

2020-09-09 21:25:59
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