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Emilio - Builder:

Emilio is a gruff lad from the streets with a deep masculine voice and a very fit athletic body. His incredibly sensitive cock springs up at the slightest whiff of sex so as soon as his clothes come off his dick is stiff and ready to go. He has a straightforward attitude towards sex and can’t do with any of this nonsense involving arseholes, unless it’s him doing it to a woman. It’s a shame he’s so limited in what he’ll allow himself to do in porn since his cock seems up for anything. But he can’t get past his narrow hetero limits.

I give Emilio a hard time when he throws up objections to almost every type of sex I discuss. It’s important to put him on the spot and make him feel embarrassed about being so limited. Normally in society any kind of deviance from straightforward hetero sex is frowned upon, but in this room this proud straight guy is shamed for it. It’s a disorientating position for this tough athlete.

I’m glad I ordered Emilio not to shave or trim his body hair before coming in because his muscular sports-trained body looks so much hotter with a dark furry coat coming back. Even though he claims not to be an exhibitionist, his dick is hard within seconds after stripping off. This is a classic case of the head says no, but the cock says go. If he can get past his mental barriers I reckon Emilio could do anything in porn.

It’s hot having this horny athlete asking my permission to masturbate. Part of the pleasure of getting guys to jerk off is that they are under my directorial control. He can cum incredibly quickly pumping his stiff dick hard and fast. Emilio was born to be in porn.

Jermaine - Unemployed:

Jermaine has an incredibly fit muscular tattooed body, unbeatable six-pack and big thick cock. Just don't expect a lot of conversation out of this hulking lad. When asking him questions he's able to answer with little more than monotone one-syllable answers. He's a strict hetero and even the suggestion of doing sexual work with men makes him wince and curl his lips in disgust. It's satisfying getting such a cocky straight guy to submissively expose his arse and shoot a load in front of me.

It's like chiseling through granite trying to find out what really turns Jermaine on. He likes women and hasn't taken the time to contemplate what it is about them or what he'd like to do with them to make his dick even harder. If even getting whacked on the arse by a woman spooks him it's not likely he'll get a lot of work, but we can enjoy him showing off his body here.

One of the most challenging things Jermaine finds about the physical is showing a smile to the camera. He's used to showing nothing but a tough guy persona so looking friendly and flashing his gold tooth is difficult for him. He also finds it extremely uncomfortable displaying his arse but since his mind turns so slowly I manage to get close intimate shots of his hole before he thinks about it too much.

Jermaine is uncomfortable wanking without a woman in the room as if self pleasuring could be considered gay. Nevertheless, he doesn't have much trouble working up a large thick erection. Listen out for his big full balls slapping against the leather of the seat before he ejaculates.

Phillip - Health Care:

Phillip is a strong, straight man who is able to fuck for hours and hours. He has an enormous cock which quickly springs erect when stimulated. But he sets a high price for his sexual services. What he’s willing to do is dependent on the price and how desperate he is for cash at that particular time. It’s satisfying making this proud fella pose his naked body for me including getting him to part his massive muscular butt cheeks to show off his anus. He might be making big demands now, but in a few months when he can’t find work anywhere else he’ll be calling us and begging to do anything sexual on camera.

Phillip doesn’t have any illusions that this is all about a job and exchange for money. But he still has his macho pride and is concerned that people might think him gay if he does any sexual work with other men. Although he sets a high price for himself, he’s going to learn very quickly that he won’t get much more than that woman offered him for a night of pleasure unless he’s willing to compromise take whatever work is available doing anything with anyone.

Phillip had an intimidating expression on his face as I examined his body in detail. He seemed suspicious that I would take advantage of him at any moment and take things further than he’s comfortable with. But he’s a good boy and is able to do what he’s told. Notice how his arsehole winks at me when I go in for a close up while he’s laying on his back. I think this macho straight dude is teasing me.

Phillip’s dick grows hard quickly and you can tell from how rigid it is that it can stay that way for a long time. I think he’s a chronic masturbator from the small amount of semen that shoots from his cock when he ejaculates. He has to keep that under control and give a more spectacular cum shot if he wants to get much more work.

Rustam - Student:

Rustam is a former wrestler who has a mysterious look and attitude. With his big dark eyes and his innocent/puzzled expressions, this is the type of guy I love to capture experiencing new sexual sensations on film. He has quite an open attitude to trying new things, but at the tender age of 18 he hasn’t even thought about or heard of lots of different kinds of sex acts. This is the first time he’s ever been fully naked on camera and it shows from the perpetually terrified expression on his face as I grill him about himself and scrutinize his naked body.

Early in the interview I got very excited about the potential situations Rustam could be used in. He understands that acting in porn is a job and whatever is in the script should be followed. But I didn’t factor in how young and inexperienced he is. This tender naïve lad has never even contemplated or allowed himself to think about some of the sexual things I pose to him. From the expression on his face, you’d think I snapped his innocent young mind filling it with such wicked thoughts.

From the second his clothes come completely off, there is a look of panic on Rustam’s face. He’s filled with a mixture of nerves about being examined fully naked on camera for the first time and mulling over the “outrageous” sexual challenges I suggest to him. What we see here is the innocent boy, totally separate from the dangerous man grunting on the wrestling mat or the cocky lad out drinking with his mates. I want to find a way to get this other side of him out on camera to see him in his naturally masculine and confident personality revealed while having sex.

It’s amazing how much spunk young guys like Rustam produce. The floor and his cock are covered in cum after he ejaculates. Only when he’s presenting his dripping cock after do I see that arrogant look on his face I’ve been craving to see throughout the whole audition.

Tuco - Unemployed:

Tuco has the tough good looks and hard hetero man attitude of a gangster. If I were to ask this guy to show me his arse in any other circumstance he’d call his clan and drag me out into an alleyway for a beating. But here he has to be on good behaviour and submit to my thorough examination or he won’t get the break into the industry he so desperately wants. The muscular tattooed stud is ready to make his first porn video as he’s full of excitement and sexual energy.

It’s horny hearing Tuco brag about the chicks he’s fucked with his macho hard man attitude. This is a guy who likes to live hard and fast and he sees this as his big opportunity to break into the industry. But when we discuss things he never even contemplated you can see his shocked mind working through the idea of a finger sliding up his arse or a man sucking his dick.

Tuco is small in stature, but he has big bulging muscles and a hefty package. He seems proud enough to be standing and pointing his cock at the camera like a big tough man. Being bent over and spreading his arse cheeks feels womanly and wrong to him. He complies with my direction because he’s so eager to be cast in a porn flick.

Tuco puts a lot of pressure on himself because he wants so badly to perform well. If he wasn’t such a proud straight man I bet he’d ask me to help him out by sucking him off a little. Once he relaxes he’s able to wank his big hard cock with his tight foreskin and have one big pleasurable cum shot.

Torrent contains all three video clips (Interview, Physical, and Wank), in WMV format, from each of the five models in this set, as well as the complete set of photos from each of their actual auditions. 

Videos included in this torrent are as follows:

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Jermaine - Interview.wmv:  25.69 MB
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Phillip - Interview.wmv:  42.42 MB
Phillip - Physical.wmv:  31.79 MB
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Rustam - Interview.wmv:  27.48 MB
Rustam - Physical.wmv:  59.00 MB
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