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Here are both movies in one easy package. I think someone was asking for #1 and you might as well take both.

These are hot flicks, especially #1. The info below is all copied from the TLA video website.


Aprende 1


Dig flavor? You've got to see Aprende to believe it. Scorpion's tattooed and beer-can thick platano nearly smothering his partner's gaping mouth had me hittin' replay immediately. There's lots to tell ya about, including some of the fattest pieces I've seen this year, and an unbelievably hot as shit facial and oral cumshot. Yup, a full load in the mouth (swallowed, too). Aprende's a goodie, make no mistake.

-- Mr. Powerbar

"Foregoing a cast of familiar faces for a cast of predominantly Latin (and very well endowed newcomers), the plot takes place on the obligatory university campus. There's the usual homeboy bilingual dialogue and posturing going on. There's even some "MTV Real World"-style on-camera commentary about campus life, love/hate relationships and the scandalous activities going on.

It's clear that a "quickie on the hush" is not what's on some of these papis' minds. The time is even displayed in key scenes just to remind the viewer these ain't "two minute brothas" - they sometimes "unload" themselves up to half a dozen times.

Aprende begins with a brief sex scene between Ricky Manuel and L.K., then switches gears from the streets of El Barrio to the shores of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Here, Pito and Mike dive head-first into a dreamlike sequence. What makes this scene work are the on-location shots, coupled with a sexual interlude devoid of music, instead relying only on the sounds of the two actors. The story then reverts back to the East Coast and focuses on homeboys adjusting to "New-World disorder" on a university campus. Tattooed sex god Felix Chaves gives Hector Hotass something to remember next time he steps into a bathroom stall.

The highlight of the video soon follows and gives all-new meaning to "getting head in the whip." This segment features Antonio Torres and the heavily-hyped Scorpion (the exciting Brian Stinger of "Black Inches" Magazine) he of the tattooed namesake genitalia. Let's preface this by first saying that Scorpion lives up to the hype. A star is most definitely ascending in this episode, as both he and Antonio take full advantage of Scorpion's ride. Sexing in the front seat, the back seat, the trunk, and finally on top of the whip. Scorpion's got it going on, from the slang, to his "stinger," to the stamina. This is Scorpion's show and he deserves top billing - watch out, Tiger!

Then, it's back to the university. Now we have Felix being schooled by Bam-Bam on - among other things - the wicked pleasures Bam-Bam's pierced tongue can bring. Both actors are fly as hell. And Felix is truly one gifted stud to keep an eye out for. There's a sexy little quickie between hot chulitos Dillon and Bobby Lane that includes an upside down ride. Dillon is another sexy stud to watch for. The man can actually cum hands-free, which he demonstrates in his scenes with Lane and with J.D. Bandit. Felix and Bam-Bam have another quick session together.

There's a threesome between Cobra, Marco Polo, and Jesus Peron. Both Marco and Cobra are engaging performers (with the sexiest smiles) and seem to be having the most fun. Jesus is a cool "blue steel" star with serious potential for stardom. The threeway with Jesus swinging with Bam-Bam and freak-on-the-loose Rique Seda will no doubt have viewers checking for more of him."

Cast:  Cobra, Antonio Torres, Bam-Bam, Bobby Lane, Dillon, Felix Chavez, Hector Hotass, J.D. Bandit, Jesus Peron, L.K., Marco Polo, Pito, Ricky Manuel, Rique Seda, Scorpion (aka Brian Stinger)

Director:  Enrique Cruz

Country:  US

Length: 2 hr 6 min

Year: 2000

Studio :  Enrique Cruz Presents

Aprende 2


"Enrique Cruz, the number one hip-hop producer brings you something caliente - over-the-top Latin college-age sex. Learing Latin was never this naughty. Enrique Cruz delivers ten non-stop funky college-age Latino scenes that flow with a hip-hop rhythm. These men cum fully loaded, as some scenes have multiple cumshots and multiple fucking. The non-stop scenes - with three trios thrown in - are laid in the sunny tropics and at a college in gritty New York. If you're looking for high-pitched over-the-top-sex, Aprende Part 2 totally delivers the goods. It's the real hardcore Latino lava!"

Cast:  Armando, Azucar, Chino, Chucky, Copter, Felix Chavez, Kat, Naughty, Papo, Phoenix, Raul, Shark, Valentino

Director:  Enrique Cruz

Country:  US

Length: 1 hr 44 min

Year: 2006

Studio :  Enrique Cruz Presents
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