♺ Xtreme Productions -Afton Nills Interrogation (avi)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-01-27

Phillip, Tyler and Reed make the perfect twink threesome in this very hot scene of ass eating, butt pounding action. The scene starts off with Phillip eating out the fine ass' of Tyler and Reed. And eating he does, down the last drop! They move into some cock sucking action, then on to some hard ass pounding action. Reed takes Phillip's eight inch cock as he screams in ecstasy. Then Tyler takes his turn on Reed's award nominating worthy ass! They all take turns blowing their loads, two loads from Phillip's cock onto Tyler's chest and stomach!

Another hot threesome with three new twinks to the Xtreme family. Payton lures Hayden into the back of a trailer. Some words are exchanged, things heat up and the two end up doing some experimenting with each other. Payton drops to his knees and blows Hayden before being spun around and being fucked by Hayden's big hard cock. During the course of their butt fucking, Skylar interrupts them and decides to join in on the fun. Skylar takes his turn at banging Payton's ass while Payton blows Hayden. Skylar squirts his hot load onto Payton's ass, while Hayden blows his huge load onto Payton's face, into his mouth which Payton licks and sucks up.

Andy, Braden and Wade are another three new twinks to the Xtreme family. The scene opens up with Andy and Braden tied and blindfolded in the back of a trailer. Some dialog ensues between the two, who are interrupted by their captor, Wade who walks in calmly and sits down in his chair. Dialog continues between the three, which leads to Wade barking out some commands to his captures. Wade commands Braden to blow his buddy Andy who is still tied up and blindfolded. Wade strokes his cock as he watches Braden work Andy's hard banana shaped cock. Once satisfied, Wade commands Braden to come over and ride his hard cock which he willingly does of course. He commands Andy to suck Braden while Braden rides reverse cowboy on Wade's cock. Braden blows his huge load while riding Wade onto Andy's face, into his mouth which Andy gladly sucks up. Andy follows by riding Wade's cock cowboy until he blows his huge load all over Wade's chest and stomach. The two watch alongside Wade as he shoots his load onto himself. Immediately following their captor's load, they decide to seek revenge, grab the ropes, tie up Wade and blind fold him, leaving him alone in the dark.

Wade is blindfolded and tied, sitting in a chair in the back of a trailer. A voice comes in and some dialog ensues. Before you know it, Tyler is on his knees sucking Wade's beautiful hard cock. After some pleasure, Wade hops on and rides Wade until blowing his load onto Wade's chest and stomach. Wade shortly follows with a huge squirting cum shot all over Tyler's back and ass.

Starring Phillip Ashton, Tyler Dawsen, Reed Parker, Phillip, Hayden Andrews, Skylar Prince, Payton Rivers, Wade Warren, Braden Phoenix, Andy Kay, Tyler Casson.

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