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Original upload: 2011-08-19 |
Greetings�.in looking at my archives I discovered some 51 clips from the website privateboymovies.com of which as best I could determine 20 were not here on this web site.  I have divided the clips into folders Privateboymovie � Collection #XX.  This is the last of those folders.

These clips are of the most beautiful sexy Asian (mostly Thai) boys performing the hottest acts of sucking, fucking, fisting and other things ever captured on video.  Each clip is better and hotter than the one before it!  I hope you enjoy every minute.

If you are a fan of these beautiful boys in action, a generous seed bonus would be very encouraging for me to upload more and certainly appreciated.

Lek & Tia.wmv 494.02 MB
Lian.wmv 198.70 MB
Nat & Palm.wmv 814.65 MB
Yok & Aye.wmv 636.15 MB

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