The Birthday Present - Cameron Adams & Tyler Saint

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DescriptionIt’s Tyler Saint’s birthday, and after a long day of work he comes home hoping for some quality time with his boyfriend - only to find a note left for him on the table instead. When he heads into the bedroom and finds the boy wrapped up all nice and neat for him on the bed - bound, gagged and blindfolded - judging from his reaction, we’d have to guess his boyfriend found a suitable gift for him. Some people are just so hard to shop for. True, there’s no big, red bow on the package, but use enough knots, and apparently it works just as well.

There’s no instruction manual either, at least not that we can see (and not that there’s anywhere to hide it), but Tyler’s the inventive sort, and figures out a use for his new toy fairly quickly. The gag is pretty but fairly useless for his purposes, so he gets rid of that right away and finds something else to stick in his toy’s mouth instead. Once he’s satisfied his dick is a good fit, he wastes no time before taking that mouth for a test drive. He starts Cameron out slow and easy before forcing his monster cock all the way down his throat, and then making Cameron stick that tongue out and lick it all around. Cameron responds enthusiastically. Really such a thoughtful gift.

Before long, Tyler’s progressed to full on face fucking, and he has to untie Cameron’s hands, just so the smaller man can grab his own feet and hold on for dear life at the rapid fire jack hammering. There’s absolutely nothing hotter than when Tyler forces his cock so far down his toy’s throat that you can actually hear Cameron panic for a second before Tyler eases up and gives him some air. Flipping the boy on his back, still blindfolded and with legs still bound, Tyler teases him with his tongue, varying some heavy French kissing with quick licks that have Cameron bobbing his blindfolded head desperately looking for more. From there, Tyler plants his tightly muscled ass right over Cameron’s face. It’s easy enough to figure out what he wants, and Cameron delivers, with an ass-eating so intense, Tyler decides its worth giving Cameron’s cock some attention. Luckily, the men are in perfect position for some sixty-nining, and Tyler basically swallows Cameron’s dick whole, doing push ups up and down on his present’s cock.

Except now I’m confused on whose birthday it actually is, because Tyler Saint swallowing your cock seems like a pretty good gift to me, even without the fancy wrapping!

Tyler moves aside the last of the wrapping paper (otherwise known as tight black briefs) and finds Cameron’s hole just ready and waiting for exploration. So explore it he does, first lightly with a finger and then flipping Cameron so his legs are hanging down by his face and that hole’s framed front and center. Spitting on Cameron‘s ass, Tyler takes a LOT of pleasure in casually teasing his asshole with his finger, pushing a little spit in and then bringing it to Cameron’s mouth to suck on.

And from there its on to the main event. The blindfold’s gone, and good thing too, because I take it back, there is something hotter than Tyler forcing Cameron to open up his throat for him. It’s the look of anticipation on Cameron’s face as he holds his legs up and watches Tyler slowly slide that monster cock inside of him. There’s nothing fake about it, say whatever else you want, but Cameron is hungry for that cock, and man does he ever get it. They say be careful what you wish for, but there’s no buyer’s remorse here. Sure, a little grimacing as Tyler slides inside - the man is just that big - but you can actually see Cameron’s eyes rolling back in his head as Tyler initiates a hard and steady rhythm, slamming Cameron’s ass to a series of grunts and moans that are music to our ears. Cameron plants his feet on Tyler’s massive chest to steady itself, and Tyler surprises his eager bottom boy by taking it as an invitation to suck on his feet while fucking him. Seriously. Are we SURE it’s not actually Cameron’s birthday?

A good, hard piledrive fucking rounds out the anal Olympics, with Tyler literally pinning Cameron’s legs over his head to the bed while pistoning in and out of his ass from up top. Before too much longer, Cameron blows his load all over his tight little stomach and Tyler carefully licks it up - all the way up his abs, chest, and to his face, where he feeds it back to Cameron, along with a little spit. But as for Tyler - its his birthday, and he’ll cum how he wants to, and how he wants to is stroking himself off with Cameron hunched over him, his ass in Tyler’s face for the bigger man to feast on. Guys, can I just say how impressed I am with Tyler Saint here? I never knew how fitting the ’Saint’ part was, because seriously, the man is just a giver. Getting off by tongue fucking the boy left tied up on your bed as a present to you? That’s the kind of selflessness we should all aspire to. I’m just saying.

But then again, if this is Tyler says thank you for all his presents, I wouldn’t be surprised if Cameron turned out to be the gift that keeps on giving. I sense a sequel, but hopefully we won’t have to wait a whole year for it. I mean, between now and the next birthday there’s still Christmas and Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July and really, who says you can’t give presents on the Fourth of July too?

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