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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-08-20 |
This is Aaron's first adventure in Thialand, something else I found. Have a lot of things if anyone is looking for something let me know.

From Aaron:

Always in search of sexual decadence, my latest trip found me happily filming in Thailand. I ran into a lot of interesting cultural differences, not the least of which is that Thai guys are extremely shy around each other. They may show off everything (and I mean everything!) in the go-go bars, but when it comes to appearing on video it was extremely difficult to get them to perform with each other. Whenever I asked two Thai guys to do a scene with each other, their answer was the same: they didn't want to do that, but they'd be happy to do a scene with me. To complicate matters further, Timo declared right before the trip that he wanted to be monogamous with his new boyfriend. The result? I was beginning a filming trip in which I was going to have to appear in every scene. I shuddered with excitement at having that much sex (and becoming that sexually exhausted...) Another interesting quirk about Thai boys and porn is that while they are extremely easy to recruit (even easier than the Russian boys if such a thing is possible), they are very unprepared once they get there. Many of the Thai boys had a slightly wide-eyed look on their face during the filming. Often I had to take breaks to teach them the basics of porn (ie; you can't just lie there, you have to suck dick, etc.) Unlike here in the States, the Thai rentboy community simply does not include a basic working knowledge of what you do on a porn tape. The result of this is that the boys came out of their shell to a greater or lesser degree, although I usually had to coax it out of them. Meaning I spend a lot of time servicing them. Sometimes that's how a scene remains, and sometimes they get into being an equal sexual partner. On a few occasions the boy even took charge and made me do what he wanted! I never knew what to expect each time a new shy model knocked on the door.

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