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Description1984 | English | Subtitles: None | avi | http://www.tlavideo.com/gay-juice/p-214605-3 |

"Juice is a wild, wonderful ride from the first sleazy second to the last, cum-drenched frame. Director Arthur Bressan, Jr. is more concerned with mood than plot and it pays off brilliantly here, as sexy vignettes are connected through beautifully shot scenes of New York City and climax in a dizzying montage of man-flesh. It does start out like a tease, with a handful of solo sequences and blowjobs, but when Juice kicks into gear, watch out - it's one hell of a blue movie experience. It's rare to see this much sex, not to mention great sex, in a single film. Do the right thing and suck down Juice as soon as you can."

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