Gemini Men Kyle Toy Pack (Straight Muscle Fucked)

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DescriptionThis is a pack of all the videos from Gemini men (my favorite amatuer site) where Kyle fucks himself and gets fucked with a variety of toys. The videos span over the course of a couple years, so we see our straight star go from musclebound teenage twink to solid man beefcake. All the while allowing an old, faceless director tell him what to do and fuck him in his straight boy poop shoot with fingers and large toys. I love the way these videos play out, the director is very vocal and dictates Kyle's every move. "Bend over, spread your butt cheeks, make it wink, etc.." It's incredibly hot to watch Kyle take these directions and he does so without hesitating or begrudging (even though you can tell he's straight as a god damn arrow.) Throughout these videos (there are 11) we see Kyle get fucked with: Fingers, thumbs, buttplugs (small, medium and large) a vibrator, a huge vibrator, beer bottles, a manrammer, a pink "jelly cock," a toy which looks like an ear of corn, zucchinis and cucumbers among other miscellaneous sex toys. Kyle is obviously straight and has a real tough time taking it, often screaming, throwing his face in pain and making remarks as "you're so deep, I can't handle it, I'm going to pee" with the director often promptly increasing speed and deepness and doing whatever he pleases to his straight sex toy. These videos are incredibly hot, and Kyle, who isn't as ripped as the mainstream stars is still sexy as fuck. EACH VIDEO includes EXTENSIVE butt play with shots from every angle. They're so well done especially for what I'm assuming is a hand held camera. There is one video (I believe it's the "Labor Day" Shoot) where Kyle whom is always at the mercy of the filthy minded director, hesitantly makes a zucchini completely disappear in his butt and then shits it out. Each video includes multiple toys and there isn't a video under 20 minutes. Kyle cums in every video and sometimes tastes his own protein. There are videos of him having man on man sex as well which I will upload in a separate pack sometime soon. It's a large file but worth it trust me, I dare you not to cum from watching this straight muscle boy mercilessly get fucked by toy after toy after toy after toy....

The pictures really speak for them self! I can't upload all the screenshots I took but these don't really show how ripped he was in his initial videos. Guess you have to download to see just how taut he was! ENJOY YOURSELF!!!

NOTE this file includes the most up to date Kyle shoots (from 2015) that other files that have been uploaded do not

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