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The bitch is back - and in a big way. In Gear was one of last year's biggest and best, so it's no surprise that Chi Chi and Co. went back to the oil well again. Usually such enterprises end up either being only a mediocre retread of the original, or a sorely misguided attempt at trying to capture the feel of the original and failing miserably. Well, one quote on the box boldly exclaims "finally a sequel that outshines the original." No argument here - 2nd Gear is a total triumph of slobber-laden smutdom, and will have your dipstick in a slick frenzy.

Let's set the record straight right away: Lance Gear cements himself a place in porn history here. He appears in every damned scene and never once lets the viewer down. Even if you're not a fan of his, you'll be totally pleased with his performance and want more. He looks the best he ever has here, and his wicked-ass grins at the camera will get you going.

We open with Lance making a sales pitch right at the camera for In Gear Autobody. Apparently Brad McGuire's muffler has fallen off (and it can't get up). Lance could give a shit, and makes a move on McGuire's gear through his denim-clad crotch. Freeing Brad's prodder, Lance goes down on the thick rod, sliding his tongue under Brad's considerable foreskin and acting the complete skin pig. A major oral pounding ensues, replete with drool and spit galore. (Actually, the film is littered with gallons of projectile saliva.) Brad barks to Lance "Betcha got a nice hole." A gagging Lance (g)lances up at Brad and mumbles "Uh huh!"

Brad rubs his pulsing cock and balls all over Lance's shaved head (the scene's a chrome-dome lover's wet dream) and then rims Lance, practically shoving his entire face in. The under-shot views of Brad rubbing his head in Lance's hole are extraordinarily hot; at one point I worried that Brad was gonna "head" him. You know what I mean - as opposed to fisting him. Anyway, Brad destroys Lance's butt and dumps his Penzoil all over Lance's shiny pate - and then licks it completely clean. Lance soon follows orgasm-wise, and lets loose a thick river of cream all over Brad's still-hard shaft - and licks it clean. Pep boys, indeed.

My favorite scene of the film is next;
it's one of Chi Chi's most-mood enhancing and best-shot ever.
Now, I never really paid Jack Ryan much notice before. Nothing personal, I just always found him to be a handsome albeit only adequate porn performer. Meaning - he does his job, he does it well, but he doesn't "do" anything for me. Well, he didn't used to anyway. After seeing this scene, I take that all back. This ranks as not only one of my favorites of the year, it gave me a whole new outlook on both Mr. Ryan and Mr. Gear.

Shot entirely in an underground garage with only minimal key lighting, the look of the scene alone is noteworthy. (Hue Wilde's photography throughout the film is terrific, but he and Chi Chi really nail it here.) Lance comes across Jack and his stalled SUV. Jack asks "Are you a mechanic?" Lance tosses back "Well, I know a thing or two about alternating." (Before you groan, the reason for all of the "cheesy" dialogue is revealed later on.)

I really don't want to do a full play-by-play here, as it's best to just see the scene for yourself. But basically, amidst no lighting other than the SUV's headlights up against a wall, an unshaven Jack and Lance go at it like mad. Keep an eye out for how beautiful - if that's the right word - the strings of spit and drool look in the glare of the headlights. There's tons of cock-smacking, spitting right in the face, crotch grabbing and dry humping. Not to mention an open-hood, practically in-the-car's-engine fuck. The scene's not revolutionary, it just works on every level and I watched it again as soon as it ended. Bravo to both stars.

A public stairwell snarl-fest is next, featuring Steve ("I'm running out of room for any more tattoos") Cannon and Nick Piston, a goateed-and-inked hung piece of trade that made my already-sore fleshstick rise to full mast again. (Love his belt buckle: "Parental Advisory - Explicit Content". And how!) Lots of filthy talk that would make your momma blush leads to deep kissing, spitting and drooling. Lance slithers in (after making another humorous comment to the camera) and a three-ring jerk and fuck session goes into overdrive.

The film's weakest scene (for me anyway) is next. And by weak I only mean it didn't "do it" for me; I'm sure others will love it. A real version of a gloryhole (torn, splinter-ridden and tattered, not some made-by-machine set decorator's version of) is effectively used by the camera to watch as Gavin takes a piss in a dirty bathroom. Lance shows up - natch - and proceeds to galvanize Gavin's engorged gunk-maker. Soon, with foot on the toilet, Lance gets fucked by Gavin. He grunts a bit too much (the one thing in the past that sometimes turned me off to Lance), almost "acting". But Lance eventually jerks himself a load, as Gavin then unloads his stuff on Lance's face. Gavin takes a taste of what his fury has wrought.

One of Chi Chi's best orgies in some time is next. Without the over-the-top nastiness of his Link films that scare some folk, it's a terrific finale. We open on the garage at In Gear Autobody, where Jerek, Danny, Adam, Rob and Peter are working on cars. Lance makes another "pitch" to the camera, at which point most of the cast laughs at him. Lance breaks character, glares at them and indignantly asks "What???" They claim that Lance sounds "like an infomercial" to which Lance remarks that he is, in fact, practicing for a commercial (thus explaining the "cheesy" remarks he's been directing at the camera throughout).

So much goes on in this scene that a full description is impossible. The insanely handsome Peter Raeg fellates his hubby Lance (as well as fingers and prods at most everyone else here), there are deep-throatings galore (Rob bobs back and forth between Lance and cutie Jerek at one point), and then in walks a goatee-less Chad Hunt - looking as hot as ever. The superhung one serves his snake up to one and all, with Rob being the most eager. Great camera shots from inside various cars document the goings on, and towards the end, one by one, each guy unloads his monkey grease on Lance's throat and face. Amen.
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