Daddy Bear Bill

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Descriptiona collection of clips of 62 year old Daddy Bear called Bill sucking cocks,
rimming the odd asshole, fucking a few cubs bareback and slurping up load,
after load after load of juicy creamy cum from a variety of cubs of all races,
other mature bears and sexy big guys, from small cocks to fat cocks to big
black cocks, Bill is an equal opportunities cum eating cock sucking daddy
bear and they don't come much sexier than Bill. enjoy watching him make
love to a selection of cocks and savouring every load, this man loves cum!

43 files, size 2.26GB

At the pool.                          33.2Mb.    6mins 19s
Bear Cock Dessert.                18.4Mb.  3mins 40s
Bear eats Latino cock            18.3Mb.  2mins 56s
Bear hunt fun@ Myrtle beach  13.4Mb.  4mins 24s
Bear meat part one                141Mb.  4mins 10s
Bear meat part two                260Mb.  7mins 40s
Bear rimming                        21.5Mb    4mins 23s
Bear weekend                      22.0Mb    6mins 02s
Big load                                180Mb    7mins 34s
Biker bear part one                29.0Mb    5mins 01s
Biker bear part two                257Mb    7mins 35s
Big cub cock                        293Mb    8mins 38s
Bear blows camera cub          18.4Mb    3mins 53s
Bear blows bear                    223Mb    6mins 34s
Bear shower                        15.5Mb    3mins 19s
Bear rim fuck and cum          217Mb    6mins 25s
chocolate cub creamy load    13.9Mb    3mins 36s
chocolate cub feeds daddy    33.1Mb    7mins 12s
Daddy bear jerking off          6.51Mb    1min 54s
Daddy bear sucks                24.6Mb  4mins 47s
Eating cub ass                    19.9Mb  4mins 14s
Ebony cock                        15.4Mb  2mins 46s
Hot bear barn blowjob          9.77Mb  2mins 59s
Hot cub rim                        14.2Mb  2mins 53s
latino cub facial                  13.5Mb  3mins 05s
Latino cub                          27.8Mb  5mins 26s
Latino load                        7.12Mb  2mins 13s
Married ebony                    10.0Mb  2mins 07s
Masseuse part two              19.5Mb  5mins 26s
Outdoor cock                    22.9MB  3mins 49s
Private gloryhole                26.8Mb  3mins 54s
Rainy afternoon at  beach    24.2Mb  4mins 16s
Seducing the cub part one  25.5Mb  6mins 18s
Seducing the cub part two  22.1Mb  5mins 15s
Swapping oral                    28.2Mb  5mins 33s
Two juicy cocks                13.1Mb  2mins 52s
Uncut cock feed                20.7Mb  5mins 18s
Uncut cock juice                12.3Mb  2mins 48s
Virginia bear cub                30.2Mb  5mins 13s
White and dark meat part 1  36.1Mb  6mins 13s
White and dark meat part 2  37.4Mb  6mins 20s
White and dark meat part 3  20.3Mb  5mins 27s
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