Jim Buck Collection 1997 - 98

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DescriptionJim Buck, with friend and director Timo Vidkid, was an imaginative, intelligent and charming porn star who arrived out of nowhere and began starring in his friend's movies.  He's amazingly sexy and while he probably left (one hopes) for better things in 1999 his rather productive twoish years in films left a legacy that shouldn't be forgotten.  Starting in 1996 with 1st Time Tryers 2 he went on to Dr. Jerkoff And Mr. Hard, Mardi Gras Cowboy, and then in 1997 Naked Highway, A Tale Of Two Brothers, Fallen Angel 1, Gold Diggers, Hard Choices.  In 1998 he made Hardcore and At Twilight Come The Flesheaters and then, possibly, a series of international films, like the Pueris Collection.  I remember being shocked by Mardi Gras Cowboy - there was a story, he was a great actor, sexy as hell with his farmer's hat as he naively went off to explore New Orleans, the filming was kind of experimental and it was a more openly gay take on "Midnight Cowboy" - what might have happened in that story if it had been more explicit.  It was a different kind of sex-positive porn than anyone had seen before.  He and Timo were heavily critiqued by an industry that wasn't very interested in experimentation, other than technical.  He won all kinds of awards over other more known actors that year, and (an odd little fact) 1997 was the year the late David Foster Wallace went to the awards and, according to him in Consider the Lobster and Other Essays Buck sent his twelve year old brother to pick up his award as he was performing Shakespeare elsewhere.  He had just finished his second Master's degree when he agreed to be in Timo's first film, it says in one old interview, and was talking about Nietzsche, “the theory of hybridity” and Kinsey.  In another interview, he said:

“I’ve reached a point in my life where I refuse to wake up when I’m 70 or 80 or 90 and say, ‘Why the fuck didn’t I do that?’ Life is way too short. I’ve had nothing but fun doing porn. I’ve met and worked with great people. It’s been a completely positive experience. I’m a performer. I consider myself to be moderately expressive, whether it’s acting or writing or doing porn, it’s a way of getting up and entertaining people and being kooky and letting it out, whatever it is.”

And then he went away.  Maybe.  Maybe he just changed his name.  He seems to have some point gone on to Titanmen, but I don't have access to their site.  This collection is of all the five films and 1 clip I have found so far:

Dr. Jerkoff And Mr. Hard,
Mardi Gras Cowboy
Toolbox (a clip of him as painter)
Naked Highway
A Tale Of Two Brothers
Gold Diggers

Films I am still looking for are:
1st Time Tryers 2
Fallen Angel 1
Hard Choices
At Twilight Come The Flesheaters
The Pueris Collection

Please share them if you have them!  Enjoy! 

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