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Steve Hurley, looking hotter and craggier with a very full long-stretching beard, cruises the streets of Palm Springs until he meets Danny Lopez, literally fresh off the bus. "I can give you a ride," Steve notes, grabbing his crotch when Danny says he's waiting for a cab. They head back to Steve's house and start making out over the zebra-patterned bedspread. This is a hot combo, the sizzling hot Latin porn pup and the tried-and-true hairy legend. Danny bites around Steve's famous nipples and then sucks Steve's fat cock. Danny has all the moves, delivering one of his sensational blowjobs, even when Steve face-fucks him nastily. Steve makes a major meal out of Danny's unequaled ass, both with his tongue and his fingers. Steve certainly stuffs his entire beard in there. Danny gets plowed by Steve, who rams his entire cock into Danny's smooth ass without needing any hands to guide it, since Danny is very welcoming and Steve is very forceful. Vocal and sexy, Steve is fiery, and Danny is a prime bottom for him. A switch to doggy is even prettier, since we find Danny backing up his Playboy-bunny-tattooed ass onto Steve's cock. "Show me how much you want it!" Steve bellows at him. Steve pulls out for a sloppy cum-shot on Danny's butt and Danny drops his on Steve's thick beard.

While all of this was going on, Steve's house is being painted by Lance Hancock and Rico Suave, who decide to ape what they've heard in the second scene. Rico is adorably pretty, very much in the young mold, with huge succulent lips. Lance is a big bald guy in incredible shape with a mass of dark sexy hair all over his body. This is a pair very worthy of the concept, even if Rico is somewhat a sleepy performer. Lance salivates appropriately all over Rico and then blows him, having no problem deep-throating chubby-cheeked Rico's cock. "Damn, you got some skills," Rico cools. Hey, Lance didn't get to be a daddy for lack of them! Lance then sends his goatee into Rico's perky ass for some rimming and continues with a full-faced head-wagging energetic ass-munch. Rico attempts to get all of Lance's cock down his throat, but the sheer size and curve of it make it rather impossible. So, he just kind of sits still and let's Lance try to face-fuck him. Things get better when Rico bounces timidly on Lance's cock. It definitely fits in here, and when Lance kicks in to help the ride, things get to cooking. Rico cums a blaster all over Lance's hairy torso and then Lance aims one at Rico's ass.

Super-talented round Clint Taylor has met up with thin blond Sloan Christian and is doing a spectacular deep-throat on him when we meet them. Clint isn't afraid to rub it all over his face, probably tickling with that thick goatee of his. Clint is a true ace performer, totally in control of the sucking. Sloan then sucks Clint's very thick cock, able to take most of it before it threatens to split open his slips. While Sloan blows, he cums, but he doesn't stop licking around Clint's dick until the latter releases as well.

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