♺ Joe Schmoe Black On The Outside White On The Inside

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Blaze, Kuntry and Black Joe were hanging out at the Schmoehouse watchin some str8porn. Kuntry is a str8 redneck dude, But you can tell he is very curious. Blaze picks up on his curiousty and decides to see how far he can push Kuntry's limits. Blaze Sucks Kuntrys uncut meat for a second, to get him in the mood for his first Dick in the ass... It doesnt take long before Blaze is plunging his young meat into Kuntry's virgin hole and giving the young redneck the first fuck of his life....Black Joe cant believe that Kuntry finally gave up the ass...It's got him so excited that he decides to let these two whiteboys have their way with him..and they decide to run a train on his older black ass..They take turns fuckin his black ass till they nutt in his face... Brad is one of the OG schmoe models and he dropped by to drop off a load in Black Joes face.... Dave is our str8 Redneck Buddy who stopped by to fuck the daylights outta black Joe. He's pretty quiet at first, but once he stuffs his fat white cock into Black Joes mouth, he quickly gets into it...Black Joe Sucks him to full hardness, and Dave wastes no time stuffing his redneck fuckstick into his Black ass. Dave has Black Joe Moaning in pleasure as he slams the redneck Fuckstick to him...apparently it felt pretty good to Dave also cause he lost his load a little bit early... Heath dropped by wanting to try some Black ass, and Black Joe wanted to sample some 21yr old white dick. Heath was kinda nervous since he'd never fucked a black guy before, but you can't really tell by the way he slings the dick. Heath really enjoys being on cam and it shows. He shoots his load into Black Joe's face and mouth
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