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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-12-30 |
In Wild Rangers 3, director Chip Daniels pulls out all the stops in his hunk filled, sex crazed world of macho boys and men who are ready to kiss, lick, rim, suck and fuck one another up one side of the law and down the other.

As the story begins we learn that Jacques Moulin, the only son of a rich oil tycoon, has been kidnapped, and is being held somewhere in the State Park. The Rangers are all ordered to search for the youth.

The first scene begins at a temporary command post in the woods. Ranger Austin Shadow is in command, on the phone getting heat from the governor, as Ranger Cadet Sean Storm arrives to report on the search progress. They are soon joined by Ranger Cadet Devon, who looks a complete mess, dirty and disheveled. No clue to the kidnappers' whereabouts has been found. Ranger Austin is upset, but channels his frustrations, ordering Sean back to base, and Devon out of his uniform. The two get down to serious suck and fuck action, with pig bottom Devon eagerly following every sexual command the nasty super cocked Austin gives. Devon slurps Austin's supersized pole, stuffing as much cock down his throat until he begins to choke on it. Austin preps Devon's deliciously round bubblebutt with a tongue that knows how to open a hole for big dick action. Soon, Devon gets what he keeps begging for as Austin fucks the living daylights out of this hottie, as all the while Devon keeps urging him to, "Fuck me! Deeper! Deeper!" They both blow great loads of spunk.

Next morning we join extremely handsome Ranger Barrett Long on horseback searching another quadrant of the park. He decides to search for Jacques in the area reserved for trailers. His intuition proves right when he comes upon naked Timmy Thomas, struggling and bound to a chair with duct tape over his mouth. Ranger Barrett searches to make sure no one's still there, and unties him, assuring him Rangers are now all over the park, and asking him if there's anything else Timmy needs. Well, duh! Timmy needs to get fucked.

Timmy's imagination goes into overdrive as he envisions Barrett's cock fucking both his holes deep and wild, the way Timmy's twink ass loves it, plunging in deep with his hot thick mega dick. Soon Timmy's amazingly accomodating asshole does it's magic, sending Barrett over the edge to an astounding orgasm that has award nom written all over it, fully shooting six feet up in the air and completely over Timmy in not one, but half a dozen streams of thick white creamy cum. Barrett shakes Timmy out of his daydream to tell him he must go. After he leaves, Timmy gets down to a jackoff session ending in his own big load of cum. "Thank you, Ranger" he whispers.

Next, we join Ranger Brad McGuire, who is in hot pursuit of one of the kidnappers, Rico Suave. Needless to say, Brad catches Rico, and takes him to camp. But Rico won't talk, so Brad uses his prick to prod the information out of Rico. Brad shows Rico his already hard cock. Rico wants it and soon tells Brad where the hideout is. Brad removes the cuffs, and Rico is soon in pig heaven, slurping on Brad's delicious dong. Brad rims Rico, then orders him to spread his legs. Brad throws one mean, meaty fuck, thrusting relentlessly up into Rico's hungry hole. Rico takes it like a champ, squeezing his ass muscles down on Brad's dick, milking it closer and closer to explosion. Brad can hold out no longer, and blasts all over Rico's ass.

Next, we meet two more of the gang walking in the woods, looking for the river, which is easier to follow to the hideout. They find it, and a boat, next to an old man half asleep, fishing on the riverbank. They steal his boat. As night falls it begins to storm. They row for shore and hole up in a public restroom. The next day Ranger Dolph Donovich is searching the same area. The handsome blond explains he's been called to the area after yesterday's boat theft gave a much needed break in the search effort. Dolph finds the two criminals, Kaleb Scott and Erik Austin, asleep on the floor of the bathroom, completely naked. The two realize they are caught, but still try to negotiate, offering sex for freedom. Kaleb and Erik are both very well hung and insatiable sex pigs. Dolph is dirty mouthed and minded, a perfect fit for this threeway descent into sexual abandon.

It starts with Dolph chowing down on both guys' dicks as he slowly beats his own nine inch cock to rock hard readiness. Then they daisy chain suck each other off, and then Dolph fucks Kaleb, and then Erik fucks Kaleb. And they keep taking turns. Then as Erik is deep inside Kaleb's ass, Dolph climbs behind Erik and thrusts deep into him as well, for a great, long, daisy chain fuck. But Kaleb's hole is hungry for more. He wants both cocks at once! And he gets it. This is the best filmed and longest running double penetration scene probably ever in gay porn. Kaleb's petite smooth body and ass, and his flexibility makes it possible to see both big dicks in all their glory going in and out over and over again, until they all cum huge loads.

The next scene opens in an old cabin deep in the park, as gang leader Jacob Hall is pacing, worried none of the others made it back with supplies. The last gang member, blond and beefy Drew Peters sits at a table. Jacques Moulin sits on the couch, bored. Jacques demands breakfast, to which Jacob drags him to the middle of the room and onto his knees, whipping out his huge hard cock and forcing it into Jacques' mouth. Jacques is, simply put, gorgeous. Dirty blond hair, clear blue eyes, tall, toned, smooth swimmer's body, an eight inch uncut cock, a candy ass that will melt in your mouth, and a perfectly shaped hole. Jacques' cherub face stares into Jacob's as he swallows his cock, in turns licking then deep throating the big tool.

Jacob wants to sample Jacque' cock, pulls him up, and kneels in front of the youth, hungrily gobbling down Jacques' uncut meat. Drew gets down on all fours and face fucks himself with Jacob's rock hard prick down below. Then Drew and Jacques share Jacob's cock and balls. Jacques is placed on his back on the table. Drew squats down on Jacques' face for rimming, while Jacob lifts Jacques' legs to tongue fuck the hell out of that perfect delicious fuck hole. Next, Jacob stands up and plunges his inches deep into Jacques as he cries out in pain and pleasure, begging for more. Soon, Jacob and Drew take turns fucking Jacques' hole, enjoying its tight smooth slick feel.

But then Ranger Brock Masters bursts into the room with his pistol drawn and stops the criminals in mid stroke. The tables are quickly turned, and Brock fucks Jacob while at the same time Jacques plows Drew's muscle butt. Brock's cock feels so amazing that he literally fucks the cum out of Jacob without Jacob even touching himself. Next, Brock fucks Drew until Drew also cums without touching himself. It is so wonderfully hot watching spurt after spurt of cum shoot and then ooze out of Drew's dick in timing with each of Brock's ass-tounding cock's strokes! Next it's Jacques' turn to ride the big ride. Brock slides his mammoth meat into Jacques' perfect hole, and it's a match made in heaven. Afterwards, Brock and Jacques drag Jacob and Drew over to the couch where everyone comes once again.

So all the bad guys get caught and the good guys win. You will too, as soon as you get your copy of Wild Rangers 3: Hot on Their Tail.

2005, 02h 11m 46s

Resolution: 720 X 480

Country:  US

Studio:  Centaur Films

Cast:  Brock Masters, Austin Shadow, Barrett Long, Brad McGuire, Devon, Dolph Donovich, Drew Peters, Erik Austin, Jacob Hall, Jacques Moulin, Kaleb Scott, Rico Suave, Timmy Thomas

Director:  Chip Daniels

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