Workin' Hard

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If real construction workers were as sex crazed as the guys in this film we would all probably still be living in huts.

The movie starts us off with a little glory hole action as Scott Fremont checks out Zackery Pierce. Pierce notices the peeping tomfoolery and shoves his rock hard cock through the hole, which Fremont is more than happy to shove down his throat. Pierce — known for his incredible ass — has no intentions of bottoming and quickly throws Fremont down on a makeshift table and rims his hole before getting in some nice four finger action up there. It’s hard to decide which one is better, watching Pierce’s cock sliding in and out of Fremont’s hole or watching his perfect ass thrusting back and forth.

Dominic Pacifico and Tyler Dix don’t seem to mind all the dangerous equipment around them as they tear each other’s clothes off and suck each other right in the middle of the work floor. Pacifico receives quite a good spanking before he puts his red ass close to the ground as he gets on both his knees and does a little cock worshipping. By all accounts it looks like Pacifico will be bottoming, but at the last second it’s his hard cock going up Dix ass — and boy can that boy fuck. He makes an Olympic sport out of pounding, jabbing, thrusting and fucking Dix’s ass — even the most expert top will feel like they got a few good pointers. And as if his fucking wasn’t enough you get to enjoy his cumshot from underneath!
2012-02-26 06:37:54
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