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Mr. S Leather Presents "The Basement Tapes #1"
Breaking away from the Hollywood Formula porn. The Basement Tapes #1 is Raw and Real footage of legitimate Hardcore BDSM. Free of the need for mainstream high-end production fluff or cheap gimmicks. This Film brings the viewer into a realm where genuine Psychological and Sexual Energy is emanating between these real life players. Not your average Model thrust into an unfamiliar situation and then scrambling to wing it. These guys are into BDSM as a lifestyle and that hot action is Obvious in this film.

Legendary Leather Master Richard Hunter Owner of the infamous Mr. S Leather Dynasty makes his film Debut laying Down the Law in this 70 minute Sexual Rollercoaster Ride!

Where a long trail of Kink Films have fallen short by merely attempting to bring the heart and soul of BDSM to the screen unsuccessfully. This film captures the chemistry between the players and that is undoubtedly one of the hottest necessary elements to making a porn that will be truly multi-orgasmic for its viewers. Finally a Fetish Film that Delivers

With the Ultimate Candy Store of Implements, Gear and Devices at his finger tips. There is a plethora of Rubber, Leather and Metal Bondage to satisfy even the purist of Fetishist and keep them wet for weeks!

These actual Sessions captured on film were pulled from being mere documentations of Sizzling Hot Scenes to be Reworked and Edited By Richard Hunter's Own Real Life son Tchukon Hunter The Brain-Child behind Madame S Leather.

Shot entirely at the original S.F Citadel and Starring six very hot and sexy guys the action includes Bondage, Electricity, Punching, Breath Control, Water-sports, Cock Sucking, Suspension, Dildo Play and Flogging. The Boys are Pete Ross, Angel and Rough. The Tops controlling all the action are Richard Hunter and Nasty Barry and Beau.

The scenario takes place in the basement of a Mental Ward as Pete Ross is admitted only to discover that this facility is not running by any code of modern ethics. In fact the longer your there the crazier you're going to get. At least as long as you choose to resist the continued molestations by the orderlies as well as other inmates. Realizing that there is going to be no talking his way out of the situation. Pete endures the repeated extreme tortures and rewards until finally he becomes induced into the twisted workings he's been plummeted into. They might not have been crazy when they checked in, But their definitely going to be crazy by the time they get out! If they ever do get out!

If your fantasies go by way of Mental Hospitals, Hot Boys, and Water- sports, You'll be wishing you were one of the boys being worked over, tortured and fucked over in this film. But it doesn't end there. Also included are an additional 30 minutes of extra bonus BDSM footage and a photo gallery to tantalize you even more! A few photos from these scenes in the Basement Tapes....

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