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Bel Ami - Forever Lukas

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DescriptionForever Lukas
Bel Ami  /  Year: 2013
Cast:  Lukas Ridgeston, Gino Mosca, Jack Harrer, Kevin Warhol, Kris Evans
Director:  Luke Hamill
Producer:  George Duroy

Showcasing the one-time-only return of one of porndom's most iconic superstars and with reversible "glamour headshot" cover, Forever Lukas is the porn event of the decade.
As part of BelAmi’s 20th anniversary special, George Duroy managed to convince Lukas Ridgeston to step in front of the camera once more. As is usual at BelAmi these days, all our plans seem subject to the machinations of Kevin Warhol and Jack Harrer, so when George originally planned to have Lukas film with Kevin, Jack set about hatching his own plan to sideline Kevin and grab the glory of shooting with Lukas for himself.
Our little story opens as Lukas is about to film the opening scene for the film, Kevin eagerly awaiting his chance at true stardom playing opposite the legendary Lukas, only to find out that Jack has outmaneuvered him and landed the role for himself.
Devastated, Kevin has to stay at home while the other boys go off to have fun and that is how Gino Mosca finds him… all alone and depressed. Luckily it is not in Kevin’s personality to stay depressed for too long, especially after being presented with Gino’s dick to help cheer him up… and cheer him up it does.
Back on the set, Lukas is preparing to film the opening scene (still from behind the camera) with Jack Harrer and Kris Evans. The plan is to have Lukas film the two boys together, and then spontaneously hop into the action himself for the second part of the scene. After filming some heady action with Kris Evans in his first condom free scene topping young Jack, Lukas needs to freshen up in the shower before jumping in front of the camera. Kris however has a different idea and doesn’t plan to share Lukas all the time with Jack and is waiting on the bed as Lukas emerges from the shower. Two of our biggest shooters jerk off together to see who can blow the hardest and furthest.
In typical soap opera fashion, Jack is determined now that he also wants a bit of Lukas to himself, and having just been fucked by Kris, is ready to take on Lukas as well.
Finally we get back on story with our crew of boys, and Luke Hamill is on hand to film the long awaited special with Lukas and Kris both topping Jack. In a tag team fucking effort, Lukas shows that he still has what it takes to be the king of porn and Kris the crown prince; emerging star Jack is up to the task of bring out the best in both of them."

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