Showguys #365 : Matthew Rush & Ryan Raz : ~hunks ~HQ

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with: Matthew Rush, Ryan Raz
43 Minutes

Matthew Rush is probably the most famous gay porn star active today, and for his first appearance on ShowGuys he is paired with beautiful blond Ryan Raz. The two hunks start in their bikini shorts, and after some conversation with Sam, get down to business. Tongues go down throats, and hands start groping crotches. The two soon have each other's already stiff cocks out of the shorts, which soon come off, and Matthew starts deep-throating Ryan, causing moans of pleasure to come from the younger man. Ryan strips off Matthew's shorts, and shows how good he is at sucking cock, and now it's Matthew who is groaning in pleasure. They take a break, but Matthew soon re-condoms, and once more enters Ryan, this time doggie-style. And as Matthew's cock pounds into Ryan's hot hole, moans of pleasure from both guys fill the room. Matthew sits on the chair and Ryan sits on him facing the camera. After another break, Ryan puts a condom on Matthew, and again sits on the mighty pole. Ryan turns around into the frog, and his dick is like a piece of iron sticking straight up. Both guys suck each other, and finally Matthew again fucks Ryan doggie-style, and very soon the feel of Matthew's cock on his prostate causes Ryan to shoot an explosive, thick, creamy load all over the bed. Matthew now jerks off, with Ryan sucking his nipple, and almost immediately lets go with a gut wrenching orgasm. Two exhausted guys kiss once more, wave goodbye, and a very exciting scene ends.

2010-04-09 09:06:17
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