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Kyle Driver.

Kyle Driver, is a new area resident, transferred here by his employer. He requested and was given an appointment for his annual physical.
Kyle was an active participant in football and baseball during his formative years and I found out that he suffered several broken fingers and a broken nose which served as trophies to his sporting endeavors. Actually, the 26 year old informed me that his nose had to be broken a second time (intentionally) because the initial healing process did not have a satisfactory completion. Currently, Kyle keeps physically fit through regular gym weight and cardio training.

I instructed him to undress to his underwear as I prepared his paperwork. Kyle stands 6’00′ tall, weighs in at 190 pounds with a trim 32 inch waist. I found out that pre-mature hair loss is hereditary and therefore, he elected to keep his dome closely cropped using an electric clipper. He has chosen to use the clippers on his chest as well. You however, can still detect the coarse stubble poking through the pores on his chest.

As I palpated his chest, I could really detect the hard work that Kyle has put in at the gym, he is rock solid. As I made my way across the expanse of his chest, I could feel the coarse stubble poking through his skin. Kyle had elected to wear a form of workout boxer briefs to the office today. As I move into this area, I could feel the heat emanating from his loins, so curiosity got the better of me, and I asked him to remove his boxers. In contrast to his upper body, Kyle has elected to shave his pubic region, which owning to the way he maintains the other areas of his body, I should have expected him to do so. In a flaccid state, his penis is 4 inches in length.

I started to do Kyle’s initial genital exam, first examining his penis and then directing my attention to his scrotum. I lifted up his scrotum to check the perineum area and noted that it too had been shaven clean (most likely his girlfriend had given him some assistance). The attention I had been giving to both his penis and scrotum were having their effects as he started to get somewhat aroused. It was not until I had him stand to continue the genital exam that I did note that his penis was fully aroused. I estimated its length (which I confirmed later) at 6 1/4 inches in length.

The firmness of his chest and abdomen were duplicated on his buttocks, as I noted when I ran my hand over them, they were very firm and bubble-like in form. I instructed Kyle to mount the exam to allow me to further examine his back and I coaxed him into the proper position. When I instruct a patient to position their body to form an arch on their back, it typically will allow the buttocks to open perfectly for exploration. This position allow for perfect viewing of Kyle’s anus and as I suspected, this area was unshaven. I first lubricated and prepared the thermometer, approached him and informed him that I would take a rectal temperature next as I took aim and slowly inserted the device.

While the thermometer was taking its reading, I began to suspect that this might be Kyle’s solitary visit to my office and I decided then “to go for broke” and give him a very thorough exam. Removing the thermometer, I informed him that I would examine his prostate next and receiving no response in return, I moved ahead. Taking aim, my lubricated finger pushed forward and was met with a really, really tight cavity. It took several moments before I could fully insert my finger inside of him and then I was still unable to do much in the way of maneuvering. Throwing all caution to the wind, I retrieved and lubricated the anoscope, thinking that possibly it could be used to burrow inside of Kyle more effectively. After several moments of trying, I set it aside and asked Kyle to turn over and to bring his knees up to his chest.

Spreading his legs wider apart afforded me an unobstructed view of his anus and a clear pathway. I re-lubricated the anoscope and with another deep breath from my patient, I was able to gain entrance to his rectum. The look on his face was one of bewilderment and pain coupled with some relief; since I was no longer struggling to gain entrance. I rotated the scope a bit to give him the full effect of the pressure against his prostate before removing it.

Assuming that he had enough for one visit, I allowed Kyle to continue on his own and he was able to spray his ejaculate over his pubic and abdominal areas.


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