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Absolute Arid

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Description2002 GayVN Video Award Winner: Best Gay DVD and Best All-Sex Video
One of the most astonishingly beautiful gay porns ever made, it catapulted cover-model Billy Brandt to superstar status. Absolute Arid is an instant classic and sure-fire blockbuster.

John Rutherford has assembled a cast of incredibly hot, gorgeous young men who sport rock-hard dicks that they know how to use.

The lead body belongs to Billy Brandt. He is the perfect Falcon Boy-Man: young, lithe, smooth-skinned, and hung. He has dazzling blond hair and some of the thickest, most kissable lips ever put on video. In the first scene he is perfectly matched by the dark, swarthy Dylan Reece, as they are both spread out on a gigantic boulder. Brandt breaks a cardinal rule of porn – a rule that Falcon helped make – namely that blonds never fuck brunettes. Well, nobody told these guys. Brandt is a topman all the way, and Reece is the perfect bottom. He gives Brandt a lengthy and astonishing hands-free blowjob that should be a training video for all novice cocksuckers. Brandt briefly returns the favor, before he throws Reece over the rock and fucks him all day long – literally. Watch the shadows; clearly these guys were at it from morning to late afternoon.The scene ends with them shooting thick creamy loads in front of a giant bonfire. Talk about spontaneous combustion!

The next scene is a fourway between dark-haired Spike and blonds Matt Spencer and newcomers Cameron Dalton and Craig Everest, shot on top of a hill under a giant tree with a vast vista behind them. Rutherford doesn’t stage the sex here - he choreographs it. The four form long pulsating dance lines of probing penises and animated anuses. The star bottom here is Dalton, who spends most of his time crouching down on Spike’s…well…spike. The only things more durable than this guy’s sphincter are his knees! And throughout it all his mouth is full of either cock or ass.

The high point on this hill is the final daisy chain with Everett getting sucked by Dalton who is getting fucked by Spencer who is himself getting fucked by Spike. Spencer throws himself in and out of both men with abandon. The scene ends with the men shooting generous loads (Spike actually gives us two) before walking into the distance.

Brandt returns for a stunning solo scene. He wanders a sun-baked desert while luxuriating in his naked body. He finds a clump of rocks and settles in for some serious masturbation. He may be making love to himself, but the camera is making love to him. It’s sizzling... there’s no other word for it.

Australia isn’t just known for its “shrimps on the barbie,” it’s also known for its beef, and the fourth scene shows Australian meat at its prime! Anthony LaFont is a textbook of muscles, and Josh Kane (another newcomer) is all man. The action takes place by (and on) a fence, and after some first-rate oral action by both men, the attention turns to Kane’s asshole. First, LaFont works all four fingers securely up Kane’s rectum. With Kane sufficiently prepped, LaFont fucks him from several different angles. Some of these positions couldn’t have been comfortable, but they allowed incredible camera access. The action is intense as these two men truly get into one another - literally and figuratively.

The final scene is another Brandt stunner, this time with the taller, lean Sean Kirby in a barn. Here the sex between the two men is a bit more evenly matched, as they take equal turns sucking and rimming each other. Brandt really whoops it up - he’s a noisy little fucker! - which just adds to the salaciousness of the scene. Finally, Brandt throws Kirby over a bag of seed and gives him a good solid ass-pounding. Seeing a sun-bleached blond as a top may be a bit unsettling for some traditionalists, but Brandt makes it work. (In fact some old-timers will recognize him - he is a reincarnation of the legendary Lance.

Absolute – Arid is a visual feast. Falcon makes the surroundings part of the sensuality in ways rarely seen in porn. Adding to the ambiance of the Outback is one of the most innovative soundtracks ever to accompany the slurping and slapping of sex, by E. M. Diaz and Beef. It captures the aboriginal feel of the landscape while perfectly complementing the action. Between each scene is a brilliant montage of visuals that include dreamlike images of Brandt with a mystery man - Lane Fuller, the star of Arid’s companion video Absolute Aqua. The DVD includes several dozen photos, including some snapshots from the shoot. Everything comes together in ways that are truly breathtaking.

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