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Fans of pro bodybuilding take notice! Here are three IFBB contests
featuring the biggest musclemen in the business. As to who is
the champ in each contest? Watch the contests and find out.

1994 IFBB English Grand Prix
Fabulous colour, definition and muscle in this contest. Top champs
from years ago battle it out in hardcore BB posing competition.
Steaktartare picks Yates.

Dorian Yates (GB)
Charles Clairmonte (BB)
Paul Dillett (CA)
Kevin Levrone (US)
and more

2000 IFBB English Grand Prix.mp4
From the Apollo Theatre in Manchester England it's the Y2K Pro Champs.
You want mass? You got mass! It's pros and more pros in this one.
Steaktartare picks Badell.

Jay Cutler (US)
Franco Licastro (CA)
Gunter Schlierkamp (DE)
Gustavo Badell (VE)
Aivars Visockis (LV)
Peter Brown (GB)
Gary Lister (GB)
Markus Ruhl (DE)
Orville Burke (US)
Ronnie Coleman (US)
Mike King (GB)
Tommi Thorvildsen (NO)

2002 IFBB San Francisco Grand Prix - Parts 1 and 2
Visit behind the scenes as the bodybuilders oil up for the contest.
Then move on to the contest stage in this two parter from San Francisco.
Steaktartare picks Haidar.

Lee Priest (AU)
Jason Arntz (US)
Garrett Downing (US)
Jerry Rodgers (US)
Rod Ketchens (US)
Ahmad Haidar (LB)
Jeff Long (US)
Tommi Thorvildsen(NO)
Stan McCrary (US)
Dexter Jackson (US)
Chris Cormier (US)
Ernie Taylor (GB)
Quincy Taylor (US)
Jamo Nezzar (DZ)
Milton Holloway (US)
Berry Kabov (MK)
Istvan Horvath (HU)
Christian Lobarede (CL)
Ronnie Coleman (US)

2005 IFBB San Francisco Grand Prix.mp4

SF once again entertains the masses with more pro BB mass. This contest
returns to mostly USA Branded Grade A Beef.
Steaktartare picks Martinez.

Melvin Anthony (US)
Chris Cormier (US)
Troy Alves (US)
Dexter Jackson (US)
Victor Martinez (DO)
Mark Dugale (US)
David Henry (US)
Bob Cicherillo (US)
Jaroslav Horvath (SK)
Art Atwood (US)
Mike Morris (US)
King Kamali (IR)
and more


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