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Cameron Matthews vs Kal Curran Wrestling

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DescriptionAll-American boy-next-door Cameron Matthews? rise to BG East stardom has been quick but not easy. Despite his amateur background as a champion wrestler and his extensive ring training and professional experience, his rise has been based on his looks, body and attitude rather than his limited success wrestling against his brethren in the BGEast stable. And while he did score that stunning upset win over mouthy Aryx Quinn, other wins have been few and far between for the eager young stud with the winning smile. His willingness to take on anyone, despite surrendering size and experience in abundance to his opponents has earned him some respect in the lockerroom. The chance to ?initiate? another amateur into the world of BGEast is one he doesn?t want to pass up. Kal Curran specifically came to BGEast for no other reason than to ?put a hurt? on Cameron. Friends from high school no more, Kal has watched from the sidelines as Cameron's star has risen. Now he wants to share in that limelight. And as he strips down to a body-hugging singlet, the lean and lanky newcomer?s physical similarity to the star he wants to work over is striking. So evenly matched and with a burning animus between them, this should be good!

Some playful face-slaps get the action going as the two circle each other?and the confident cocky Cameron gets a quick advantage. A body scissors shows off the power in Cameron?s legs, but it?s not enough to wring a submission from Kal, who powers free. The action comes fast as the two put on an impressive display of amateur wrestling with neither able to hold on to an advantage for long enough to score. Back and forth the battle goes, as skin turns red from exertion and becomes slick with sweat. Kal takes control finally with determination and rolls Cameron up for a humiliating schoolboy pin. Cameron somehow manages to reverse out, takes control again, but a miscalculation enables Kal to force a painful submission from Cameron with a boston crab! Angered, Cameron immediately goes after Kal only to be taken down again?and winds up on the wrong end of yet another crab that somehow turns into another single leg split/pin combination! Frustrated, determination replaces playfulness as Cameron goes on the attack to regain some of his battered pride?no newcomer is going to beat him down!A figure 4 headscissors has Kal struggling for breath and his face reddening as he struggles to break free! Reversals come fast and furious until a choke has Cameron surrendering yet again, only to leap to his feet! Cam peels down his straps and challenges Kal to do the same?and they show off their lean, tight musculature to each other. This progresses to a test of strength contest which Cameron subverts to a full nelson bringing Kal the challenger to his knees. Frustrated by Cameron's sneak attack and cocky arrogance, Kal gets tough retaliating with a couple stiff punches that knock Cam down, then strips him of his singlet and chokes him with it! Kal goes on the attack in a brutal all-out assault on Cameron?s abs! Punches and kicks redden Cam?s sixpack until fed up with the abuse he rallies, sweeping Kal down to the mat! Off comes Kal?s singlet?and now it?s Cameron?s turn to brutalize Kal?s abs! Punches and a vicious cross body scissors finally force Kal to concede to the power of Cameron?s strong legs!

Cameron leaps to his feet, taunting and posing over his fallen opponent?but Kal came to BG East with a mission: to beat up and humiliate "Superstar" Cameron Matthews no matter what it takes?and while Cam distracted, basking in the afterglow of his triumph, he fails to notice Kal digging in his gym bag and slipping on a boxing glove! Kal recently trained as a boxer?something unbeknownst to Cameron?and a well placed punch sends Cameron reeling into the wall?and now Kal starts landing punch after punch on a staggered Cam! As Cameron tries to regain his beath, Kal pulls a glove onto his left hand, and pulls no punches as he goes after every part of Cameron?s torso! Cam?s skin turns red as punch after punch lands?and Kal grows cockier and more arrogant with every blow. Someone may get KO'd?
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